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Limitada (Portuguese; similar to Limited Liability Company)

Linear Discriminant Analysis (statistical method)

Local Density Approximation

Liga Deportiva Alajuelense (Costa Rica football club)

Lithium Diisopropylamide

Latent Dirichlet Allocation (statistics)

Louisiana Dental Association

Learning Disabilities Association

London Development Agency

Lucknow Development Authority (India)

Localizer (Type) Directional Aid

Latin Dance Academy (UK)

Loss Distribution Approach

Low Density Area

Local Delivery Agent

Lyme Disease Association

Legal Drinking Age

Local Development Agency (various locations)

Leading Dimension of the Array

Legal Document Assistant

Leadership Development Academy

Laser Doppler Anemometer

Larval Development Assay (microbiology)

Leadership Analysis (CIA office)

Landing Distance Available

Lahore Development Authority

Linear Diode Array

Load Accumulator (6502 processor instruction)

Lithuanian Development Agency (est. 1997)

Longbow Digital Arts (est. 1998)

Light Double Action (semiautomatic pistols)

Loring Development Authority (civilian reuse project)

Land Division Application (zoning; various locations)

Local Democracy Agency (various locations)

Local Directory Assistance

Left Displaced Abomasum

Land Division Act (Michigan)

Locally Determined Assessment (education)

Local Data Area

Logical Device Address

Late-Deafened Adults

Last Day of Attendance

Lutheran Deaconess Association

Latin Dance Australia

Louisiana Dietetic Association

Large Diameter Auger

Late Discovery Adoptee

Loss-Delay-Based Adjustment

Location-Dependent Address

Local Director Acceleration


Libertà d'Azione (Freedom of Action Party, Italy)

Left Displacement of Abomasum

Landing Directional Aid

Linear Danger Area (military)

London Dressage Association (Canada)

Launch Deployment Assembly

Lambda Delta Alpha (fraternity)

Limited Depository Account

Locate Drum Address

Locally Distributed Asynchronous (micro-pipeline)

Launch and Deployment Authority

Lead Development Agent/Agency

Lightweight Decontamination Apparatus

Line Driver Amplifier

Letterman Digital Arts Ltd. (San Francisco, CA)

Limited Deployment Authorization

Lower Dog Auxiliary

Local Deliverability Area (power industry)

Lithographic Dipole Antenna

Local Dependent Address

Land Design Associates, Inc. (Brunswick, GA)

Liste des Documents Applicables (French: List of Applicable Documents)