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Juiz de Fora (Brazil)

Jane Fonda (activist and actress)

John Fruscinate (Red Hot Chili Peppers band member)

Junk Food

Jack Frost

Japan Foundation (New York, NY)

Jugendfeuerwehr (German: youth fire brigade)

Jesus Freak

Jour Fixe (French: Fixed Day)

John Frankenheimer (film director)

Juicy Fruit (chewing gum)

Joint Force

Justiça Federal (Federal Court; Brazil)

Jango Fett (Star Wars character)

Jimmer Fredette (basketball player)

Joey Fatone

Judicial Foreclosure

Junkfood (band)

Jackson Five (band)

Just Flight (software)

Just Fix

Jade Falcon (gaming clan)

Jackfield (Cisco)

JournalFen (website)

Just Fishing

Japan Food Service Association

Jeep Forum

Janatharana Foundation (Sri Lanka)