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Digital Government

Delta Gamma

Director General

Distributed Generation (natural gas)

Dangerous Goods

District Governor

Dollar General (stock symbol)

Disc Golf

Directorate-General (of the European Union Commission)

Deutsche Grammophon (classical music)

Discussion Group

Directeur Général (CEO)

Diego Garcia (various meanings)

Dumfries and Galloway (UK)

Deep Green (US DoD; project)

Diesel Generator

Design Guide (USACE)

Dachgeschoss (German: attic)

Data Group

Double Glazing


Demand Generation

Dentate Gyrus

Design Guidelines

Default Gateway (IT networking)

Data Gathering

Directoraat Generaal (Dutch: administration, subdivision of a ministry)

Drop Goal (rugby)

Drafting Group

Desktop Grid

Dogfight (game)

Directeur-Generaal (Dutch: general director)

Deputy Governor


Daisy Gardens (cartoons)

Delta Goodrem (singer)

Decomposed Granite

Display Generator

Dirty Girl

Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank (German Bank; since 2001: DZ)

Devilish Grin

Delta Green (novel and a roleplay game)

Dolce Gabana

Dei Gratia (Latin: By the Grace of God)

Display Group

Digital Ground

Distinguished Guest

Distinguished Graduate

Death Gratuity (US DoD)

Dirty Goods

Direct Generation (electrical production)

Depth Gauges

Defense Guidance

Disturbed Gum (philately)

Down Guy (power pole)

Dream Guy

Dark Galaxy (online game)

Dark Galaxy (online text-based strategy game)

Digital Gazetteer

Democracy Game (Civilization)

Directional Gyroscope

Distributed Queueing

Desert Glory (gaming)

Dragonguard (gaming)

Double Gaussian

Dirty Genitals

Diode Gate

Duarte Galactosemia (hereditary disease)

Descent Gradient

Decision Gate

Differential Generator

Data General, Inc.

Dramatists Guild of America, Inc

Dragons Generation

Dirks-Glaser Flugzeugbau (German glider manufacturer)

Designed Globin (biochemistry)