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Acronym References

What is PERL ?

Practical Extraction and Report Language

Perl is one of the most common languages script feature. This language in the laboratory, Jet Propulsion, NASA, by Larry Wall designed. A language interpreter based on C and Unix serving programs.

the language features of the situation for the management of the strings is that the information from the files of text extraction . Pearl (Perl) can be a string كك assemble a set of characters that as Slack command post. from the other. often for system management used . Application of this language, a process (called script.

programming language the all-purpose. From Pearl it is used in programming systems in the different areas on the web. From Pearl it is used in places different used the Perl language, sticky famous. Perl, as a language, an effective means is to append the elements to each other, the design has been very consistent is that in order to implementation of ADD of CGI.

● application Perl
Pearl's nowadays in the field of artificial intelligence–genetics –military –research – industrial and widely in the internet can be found .

writing a database – wide screen – operating system – or a web server, perhaps it is wise to consider not, but in Perl is possible .

language Perl, power of many, in text processing, there are, for example, can be a string, it is created and as a steering system.

● Perl as a language portable
It is interesting to know that the software you will be under the operating system, LINUX, or MAC you've written certainly on the operating system WINDOWS and UNIX also run. Interpreter Perl-text program to read and interpret, and runs. Now the Pearl will take in excess of 04 operating system can be applied and the library of CPAN over 11000 with your source code at the disposal of your affect that daily this number is added.

● Perl program, 3-dimensional
the range used Perl as the language for creating programs, 3-dimensional to the extent that not so long ago specialists Graphcomp in Test C language and PERL for the implementation of the program 3 Next click on the 3 platforms differ : VISTA , UBUNTU , FEDORA, hardware identical to the work groups. Among these, Pearl could with efficient use of system resources and their superiority in this field prove .

● Perl and CGI
to the SQL CGI web pages, the Perl language because of the high power in processing text and pattern matching (Regular Expressions) in such languages investigated, which is wide for writing CGI is used . In the meantime, the website full of traffic, such as :Livejournal.com vintage Ticketmaster.com Amzon.com vintage IMDB.com of the Perl language they use.

● Perl and network
because of the power of the very Pearl in the field of programming systems, networking, many professionals, networking, and hackers from these sentences, rear left, and today, we see the many applications : network management systems , Spidering , and Exploite to the Perl language this is written.

● Perl as a language, sticky (Glue Language)
Perl, as a language, sticky, can other languages be used . One of the coolest tips A supplementation program, Perl, called VisualPerl is that to pack NET. Microsoft attached and you on the side ASP.NET can Perl also programming. For example, can in apps .NET, from Perl for text processing or anything else, use this feature only to .NET Limited is not and Perl can be used in other programming languages, regardless of platform use .