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Acronym References

What is BNB ?


(suite) an exchange online and internationally. Zhao Director of the founder (Changpeng Zhao) is. He previously founded , the company Fusion system (Fusion Systems) established that in the field of providing solutions based on information technology in the field of financial activity found. Yi heh (Yi He) is also the second founder of The is. Six months after the launch magazine. Forbes for the first time in history, a list of the richest people in the world of digital currencies released. In this list. Zhao (founder of ) with about 1/1 to 2 billion dollars of wealth, at the top of this list was put. This exchange in terms of the amount of transactions daily in the Second World.

those who for the first time from the site visit, they quickly realize that will be the platform for trading digital currencies, etc. two versions, basic and advanced offers. Not in the basic version, and not advanced, for complete beginners, but it is not easy. However, anyone with a background of digital currencies and with a bit of knowledge about how to work, exchanges, etc. must be of the substrate, and the different services it uses.

the main difference between the original version and advanced on the website this is the advanced version of. analyze the characteristics of the deeper of the value of the digital currency with the passage of time offers.