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Acronym References

What is CENTCOM ?

United States Central Command

Central Command headquarters, United States of America - St. com (CENTCOM) headquarters, the commander of the whole forces of the American army in the region, Middle East, East Africa and Asia .

CENTCOM is one of six headquarters of the command of the whole army, the United States and the center of its current at MacDill Air Force Base in the state of Florida, America is.

This headquarters on 1 January 1983, was established. Operations, mine-laying Iran in the Persian Gulf and the reaction of the US in a few military operations against Iran, led to the first conflict, U.S. Central Command was.

war, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and the Iraq War, including the war are under the command of this headquarters were headed.

the command on 1 January 1983, was established. Centcom, as the name suggests, Region "Central" of the world located between the command of Africa, Europe and India-the quiet covers. With the importance of finding the consolidation of American interests in the region in the wake of the hostage crisis in Iran and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, President Jimmy Carter, Committee, joint arrangement, force, fast, in March 1980 the establishment of the village. In a period when the two steps for the transformation of this committee into a command headquarters, the Permanent was removed. The first step, an independent building committee of the command, the readiness of the United States, with the activation of CentCom in January 1983. Overcome imagination that this command is still to establish a working group designed to support the strategy of the Cold War is not over, and command, except the name no time-range.

the Iran-Iraq War clearly underlined the growing tensions in the region have highlighted and expand operational, such as mining Iranian oil in the Persian Gulf led to do the first combat operations, Centcom was. On May 17, 1987., the twenty-third battleship USB, USS Stark, etc. operating in the Persian Gulf in the Iran-Iraq War empty. the ship by rocket that is a plane full of Iraqi Negev. 37 the losses of embezzlement. Immediately after that looking the part of what later as a "war ship, the oil tanker" known. the Federal Government of the United States, by switching the flag and raise the flag of Kuwait on 11 oil tanker ship Kuwaitis. In the operation of the Will serious, the ship, the oil tanker that forces Middle East Centcom, the US through the Gulf to Kuwait, and through the Strait of Hormuz escort it.

The Supreme Council of national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 19 April, 1398 Times, April 8, 2019 ad, in response to the action of the American government to the inclusion of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps on the list of terrorist groups, America, Centcom, as terrorist groups in terms of Iran announced.

the US recently, the USS Abraham Lincoln for control of the movement in Iran to the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea has sent.