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In advanced search by entering an abbreviation, you will find all abbreviated states of that term. This section only applies to Latin phrases.

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Top Level


Team Leader

True Love


They Live (movie)

Texas League (AA minor league)

Transmission Line


Taylor Lautner (actor)

Turn Left

Timor Leste (East Timor, ISO code; formerly TP)

Tough Love

Turbo Lister (Ebay selling tool)

Total Loss

Target Language (translation)

Teeloeffel (German: teaspoon)


Tape Library

Tenderloin (district of San Francisco, California)

Teología de la Liberación (Spanish: Liberation Theology)


Team Liquid (online gaming community)

Time Limited

Tubal Ligation

Thrust Level

Throws Left (baseball)

Test Laboratory

Transport Layer

Teacher Librarian

Term Loan

Transmission Loss

Transient Load

Typhoon Lagoon (Disney)

Technical Library

Tough Luck

Threat Level

Target List


Tomorrowland (Disneyland)

Tariff Line (various organizations)

Telelombardia (Italian TV Network)

Thomson Learning

Transport and Logistics

Time Length


Time Lord (fictional race; Doctor Who)

Tie Line

Throw Line (sports)

True Low

Technical Leadership

Turntable Ladder (on fire/rescue vehicles)

Transfer Lines

Talk Later

Transmission Level

Tangent Line (tanks and vessel industry)

Transition Level

Total Laryngectomy

Task Leader

Turbolift (Star Trek elevator; used in simming)

Transform and Lighting (video accelerators)

Trip Leader

Team Logic

Türk Lirasi (Turkish Lira)

Transports Lausannois (French; Swiss transportation company)

Temporary Lodging

Target Lock (video games)

Threshold Logic

Transit Level

Time of Launch

Termination Liability

Transmission Lumineuse (French: Light Transmission)

Technical Letter

Time in Lieu (timesheets)

Thin Leaf (plant physiology)

Transfer Lock (US Navy rescue device)

Touring Luxury (Acura automobile)

Transaction Listing

Techlive (TV)

Tube Lumineux (French: Light Tube)

Tous en Ligne (French Catholic magazine)

Traffic Logging

Transaction Length

Transit Lane

TeamLAN (LAN gaming organization)

Truelink, Inc.

Thusano Lefatsheng

Trusted Label


Travel and Living Allowance

Turquoise Labs (website)

Tasking Letter

Tritium Loadout

Tube Luminescent / Fluorescent (Light)

Tintin Licensing (Belgium)