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Telecommunications Industry Association

Total Information Awareness (US DARPA program; now Terrorism Information Awareness)

Transient Ischemic Attack

Toy Industry Association, Inc.

Tire Industry Association

Thanks In Advance

Totally Integrated Automation (Siemens AG)

This Is America

Travel Industry Association of America

Tampa International Airport

Today I Ate

That Is All (internet slang)

Time Impact Analysis

The Intellectual Activist

Transimpedance Amplifier

Telecommunications and Information Administration

Take It Away

Trust Indenture Act of 1939

Traffic Impact Analysis

Terrorism Information Awareness (US DARPA program; formerly Total Information Awareness)

Transport Impact Assessment (various locations)

Tucson International Airport

The Interfaith Alliance

Tentative Interim Amendment

Tribhuvan International Airport (Nepal)

This Is Africa (movie)

The Internet Adapter

Thanks in Anticipation

Truth In Advertising

Type Inspection Authorization

Tortilla Industry Association

Tulsa International Airport

Transport Infrastructure Act (Australia)

Time Interval Analyzer

Technology Industries Association

Tochigi International Association (Japan)

Terminologie et Intelligence Artificielle

Tax Injunction Act

Team Instant Action (gaming)

Technology Investment Agreement

Television Interface Adaptor (chip found in old Atari consoles)

Traffic Improvement Association

Terrorism Information Awareness System

Tournament Indoor Association (color guard group)

Tobacco Institute of Australia

This Is Anfield (fanzine website)

This Is Awkward

Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand (also seen as TIANZ)

Temporary Insurance Agreement

Takings Impact Assessment (Texas Department of Transportation)

The Insurance Application (Denmark)

That Is Alright

Tirana, Albania - Rinas (Airport Code)

Trotsky Internet Archive

Temporary Investigative Authority

Transparency International Australia

Tohoku Internet Association (Japan)

Tecnicos en Investigación Aeroterraquea (Spanish comic book)

Techniques Industrielles Appliquées (French: Applied Industrial Technologies)

Training Impact Analysis

Technical Interest Area

Technology Information Advisor

Terminal Indicate Assignment

Talking in Acronyms

Tactical Interface Adapter

Technical Interface Agreement

Transparency In Armaments agreement

Total Inactive Aircraft

Teknoland Internet Agency

Telescope and Instrument Assembly

Test Interface Assembly

Technology Integration & Application

Temperature Indicating Alarm

Texas Indoor Advertising