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Time Frequency Domain

Tales from the Darkside

Thin Film Diode

Technology for Development

Tokyo Fire Department (Japan)

The Flying Dutchman

Task Force Dagger (gaming)

Tucson Fire Department

The Forests Dialogue

Transformée de Fourier Discrète (French: Discrete Fourier Transform; mathematics)

Tourism for Development (France)

The Flying Dragons

Thin Film Deposition

TheFreeDictionary.com (reference website)


Templates for Deletion (Wikipedia)

Thai Factory Development (industrial real estate company)

The First Drop

Termination for Default


Theater for Development

Toothpaste for Dinner (webcomic)

Total Focal Deviation


Tools for Decision (defense industry; California)

Transamerica Finance Corp. (stock symbol; formerly the symbol for Thrifty Drug Stores)

The Foreign Division (gaming clan)

Temporary Flexible Downpipe (building construction)

Test for Design

Tumor-Free Distance

Transmit Frame Descriptor (data structure)

Tactical Fire Direction

Total Force Development

Terrestrial Field Dissipation

Timing Failure Detection

Theater for the Deaf

Transit-Focused Development

Test Flow Diagram

Tactical Fusion Division

Technological Fairy Dust (Internet slang)

Television Feasibility Demonstration

Türk Farmakoloji Derneði (Turkish Pharmacological Society)

Tube Failure Display

Tube Flood and Drain

Tuning Fork Density (fluid density measurement; Scientific Drilling International)

Trainer Functional Description

Total Frequency Deviation

Total Frequency Distortion

Takk for Den (Norwegian)

Tactical Fighter Direction

Test Fixture Diagram

Terrain Following Display

Thin-Film Distillation

Time-Frequency Digitizer