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Off Topic (newsgroups, message boards, etc.)


On Topic

Over the Top

Offensive Tackle (football)

Occupational Therapist

Old Testament

Occupational Therapy

On Tour

On Target

Over There


Outlined (graphic design)

One Time (action code)

Operación Triunfo

Out of Town

Open Top

Open Top (holster)


Operational Technology

Occupied Territory

Ordinary Time (Catholicism)

Online Teacher (education)

Open Type (font format)

Ortsteil (German: Locality)

Original Trilogy (Star Wars)


Oregon Trail

Oil Tank


Operating Thetan (Scientology)

Output Transformer (electronics)

Operation Team (various organizations)

Other Transactions

Oliver Twist

Oil Tempered (chemical process)

Order Type (mathematics)

Old Tappan (New Jersey)

Optimality Theory (linguistics)

Oral Testimony

Open Transport (networking)

Operating Time

Over Travel

Object Technology

Operation Theater

Organizational Training (Process Area; Capability Maturity Model Integration)

Off Treatment (cancer)

Overseas Territory

Osmium Tetroxide

Order Taker

Optical Telescope

Omni-Tek (Anarchy Online gaming faction)


Ohne Text (German: No Text content)


Original Trainer (Pokemon)

Office of Telecommunications

Onegai Teacher (anime)

Orientation Tour

Off-Tank (gaming)

Optical Transceiver

Obstructing Traffic (traffic law)

Oberer Totpunkt (German: Top Dead Center)

Ouachita Trail

Observing Tool

Orquesta Típica (Spanish: Typical Orchestra)

Office Terminal (GTE)

Ownership Transition

Observer Trainer (military exercises)

Opportunity Taken


Okinawa-Te (martial art style)

Optical Tracker

Orascom Telecom Holding SAE (stock symbol)

The Overthere (Everquest)

Oregon Trunk Railway

New York to Netherlands West Indies (routing designation; US Navy)

Orchestra Toronto (Canada)

Organisasi Terlarang (Indonesian: prohibited organization)

Operational Threshold

Original Tracing

Optical Transponder

Orbital Telescope

Operational Test/ing

Ortho Technician

Optical Translator

Optical Terminator (O/E Land, Inc)

Officer Trainee/Training

Otelco Telecommunications LLC

(USN Rating) Ocean Systems Technician

Aruba or Curaçoa to Northwest Africa (routing designation; US Navy)

Curaçoa to Trinidad (routing designation; US Navy)

Osservatorio Astronomico de Torino (Italian)