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Original Sound Track

Official Soundtrack

Out of School Time (after-school care programs)

Out of State Transfer (various applications)

Oglala Sioux Tribe (Pine Ridge, SD)

Offline Storage Table (computing)

Opioid Substitution Therapy (drug dependency)

Office of Science and Technology

Original Star Trek (TV series)

Opioid Substitution Treatment

Open Source Technologies (various locations)

On-Screen Text (Games)

On Screen Time

Open Systems Theory

On Second Thought

Office Skills Test

Out-Service Training (various locations)

Office of the Secretary of Transportation

Old Spanish Trail

Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians

Organisation Scientifique du Travail (French: Scientific Labor Organization)

Oklahoma State Treasurer

Offline Store

Oblate School of Theology

Organizational Skills Training

Open Storage (software)

Outer Space Treaty

On-Screen Takeoff (construction planning)

Office of Secure Transportation (US Department of Energy)

Observatoire des Sciences et Techniques (French: science and technology observatory)

Officer Safety Training (various locations)

Operations Support Tool

Overseas Study Tour (various locations)

Optimal Solutions and Technologies (Washington, DC)

On-Site Technician (various companies)

Online Service Provider

Operations Support Team

Order Ship Time

Operational Sea Training

Open Skies Treaty

Oxford Superconducting Technology (New Jersey)

Office of Security Transition

Originating Station Treatment

Open Source Teaching

Orthogonal Space-Time (coding scheme)

Optical Standards Tester (Carcadiant Systems)

Operational Suitability Test

Oral Specimen Test

Order & Shipping Time

Odonata Survey of Texas

Objective, Strategy, Tactics (business/marketing)

Observational Sequence Table

Operational Requirements Document Support Team

OPTEC System Team

Optical Switch Technology

Over-Stress Test

Ormat Solar Turbine

Off-Station Trainer (US Air Force)

Oscillating Sand Abrasion Test