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Out of Stock

Out Of Service (police dispatch)

Out of State

On Other Sites

Occupational Overuse Syndrome (repetitive stress injury)

Out Of Specification

Origin of Symmetry

Out of School

Oracle of Seasons (video game in Zelda series)


Out of Sight

Order of Service (religious worship)

Object-Oriented Systems

Out of Style

Out of Scope

Online Operating System

Order of Selection

Object Oriented Specification (computing)

Orbicularis Oris Superior

On-Orbit Servicing

Out of Supply

Out of Shape

Out of Season

Off-Line Operating Simulator

Ohio Ornithological Society

Order of Sargeras (gaming guild)

Outside of Society (Macromedia Flash game development team)

Out of Synchronization

Out of Straightness (pipeline condition leading to buckling)

On-Orbit Operations Summary

Online Order Status

Offshore Outsourced Services

Ohio Odonata Society

Orbit to Orbit Shuttle

Ottawa Orchid Society (Canada)

Out of Square

Oxfam Online Shop

Oregon Orchid Society (Portland, OR)

Online Ordering Service

Office Operations Supervisor (US Census Bureau)

Opportunity of Selection

Optical Output Synchronizer

Orbitto-Orbit Stage

OneSAF (One Semi-Automated Force) Objective System (OneSAF is an Army simulation)