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Java Persistence API

Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (Public Sevices Department of Malaysia)

Japan Powerlifting Association (est. 1972)

Japan Planetarium Association (astronomy)

Joint Project Agreement (Department of Commerce)

Joint Powers Authority

Japanese Psychological Association

Java Persistence Architecture

Joint Powers Agreement

Japanese Patent Application (intellectual property)

Jeunesse au Plein Air (France)

Joint Parliamentary Assembly (EU-ACP negotiation body)

Japan Perl Association (computer language)

Japanese Poolplayers Association (billiards)

Joint Participation Agreement

Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma

Josephson Parametric Amplifier

Jacksonville Port Authority (Florida, USA)

Japan Paraglider Association

Journal of Productivity Analysis (Springer)

Juice Products Association

Justices of the Peace Act (various locations)

Joint Planning Agreement

Journal of Personality Assessment

Jones Public Affairs (various locations)

Japan Poker Association

Japanese Photochemistry Association

Junior Philatelists of America

Japan Pallet Association (trade association)

Job Performance Aid

Japan Pyrotechnics Association

Japan Printing Academy

Joint Permitting Agreement

Jordan Pharmaceutical Association

Japan Procurement Agency

Japan Pharmaceucital Association

Jazz Photography Association

Job Package Authorization

Job Performance Assistance

Job Placement Assessment

Jesus People Army

Jornadas de Presentación de Aiesec (Spanish)

Jumma Peoples Alliance (Nepal)

Japanese Press in Pile Association

Joao Pessoa, Pernambuco, Brazil (Airport Code)

Joynes Pike and Associates Ltd (UK)