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Japanese (language)


Justice of the Peace (also seen as JOTP)

Jamaica Plain (MA, USA)

Japan Post

Job Posting

Japanese Patent

Joint Project

Journal of Physiology

Jean-Philippe (French name)

Jigsaw Puzzle (game)

Jurassic Park (movie)

Jimmy Page (musician)

Journal Papers

Pope John Paul II

Jyllands-Posten (Danish newspaper)

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Jet Pilot

Judas Priest (band)

Just Playing

Joint Publication

Japanese Pharmacopoeia

Jet Propulsion

Jean-Pascal (French name)

John Petrucci (Dream Theater)

Jakarta Project

Journal of Psychology

Jack Pot

Jayaprakash (Indian politician)

Judicial Police (various locations)

Jet Pack

Jatiya Party (Bangladesh political party)

Juvenile Polyposis

Justice Process

Jet Propellant

Jesus People

Johnston Press Plc

Job Points

Junior Professional

Journal of Paleolimnology

Jewish Princess

Japanese Pride

Junior Police

Junior Professor

Justice Plus

Jefferson Plaza (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)

Jet Petroleum

Jerome Privee (cosmetics)

Jolie Poupée (French TV show)

Juddhodaya Public (school; Kathmandu, Nepal)

Jet Petrol (less common)

Jönköpingsposten (Swedish newspaper)

Joining Peptide

Junge Pioniere (GDR youth group)

Jnana Prabodhini

Jerusalem Patriarchate

Jumper Port (electronics)

Jump On Positive

Jedi Praxium (Star Wars)

Janata Pary (Indian Political Party)

Jaga Pintu

Jeremy's Prophecy (website)