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Extremely Low Frequency (3-30 Hz; 100,000-10,000 km)

European Lung Foundation (Sheffield, UK)

Earth Liberation Front

Early Learning Fun (education; various locations)

Essential Living Foods (Culver City, CA)

Eyes Lips Face (cosmetics company)

Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (test)

Essential Legal Framework (workshop; various locations)

Ever Lasting Friends (Super Junior fan club)

Executable and Linking Format (computer data format)

Executive Leadership Foundation (various organizations)

Elvish Linguistic Fellowship (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Electronic Filing

Eritrean Liberation Front (Eritrea)

English Language Fellow (various locations)

Environmental Law Foundation

Epithelial Lining Fluid (medical)

Electric Light Fixtures (real estate)

Extremely Low Flow

Emeril Lagasse Foundation

Environmental Liberation Front (est. 1992)

Exchange of Large Files (computing)

Enzyme-Labeled Fluorescence

Early Life Failure

Endangered Language Fund (Yale University)

Europe Lost and Found

Early Learning Foundation

Emergency Loan Fund (various organizations)

Economic Limit Factor (tax rate adjustment for oil and gas field production)

Elf Lore Family (south-central Indiana)

Electronic Low Frequency

Electromagnetic Flux (Earthsiege terminology game)

Erisian Liberation Front

Education and Legal Fund (Ohio)

Engagement Level Feedback

Education Loan Funding Corp. (Denver, CO)


e-Learning Forum


Environmental Learning Facility (various locations)

Effective Learning Framework

Electronic Labor Force (software)

Enterprise Learning Framework (Microsoft Vista)

Extraterrestrial Life Form

Environmental Life Force (activist group)

Enterprise Loan Fund (various organizations)

Evans Park, Lincoln Avenue, and Franklin Avenue

Extension Language Facility

Electronic Location Finder

Educational Leadership Foundation

Extended Layer File (WinImages image processing software)

Emergent Learning Forum

Electrostatic Levitation Furnace

Evolutionary Learning of Fuzzy Rules (system)

Eliminate Landmines Forever (ChemTech)

External Financing Limit (UK)

Explicit Link Failure

Eesti Looduse Fond (Estonian Fund for Nature)

El Fasher, Sudan - El Fasher (Airport Code)

Employee Learning Fund (Canada)

Explosive-Actuated Light Filter

Eye-safe Laser Filter

Energie Liquide de France (corporate name)

Energy Level Finder

Engineered Land Form

Engineered Landform