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Cheetah Conservation Fund (Namibia)

Cold Cathode Flourescent (lighting)

Centre Culturel Francais

Center for Consumer Freedom

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Compassion Capital Fund

Customer Care Framework (Microsoft)

Combined Cadet Force (UK military)

Camera Consultantilor Fiscali (Romanian: Chamber of Tax Consultants)

Center for Children and Families

Hundred Cubic Feet

Christian Children's Fund

Catholic Community Foundation (various organizations)

Contrôle en Cours de Formation (French: Control Training Course)

Community Care Fund (various organizations)

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (archaic, now Canadian New Democratic Party)

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (various locations)

Chief Conservator of Forests (Indian Forest Service)

Civil Contractors Federation

Choose Cruelty Free (Australia)

California Community Foundation

Congestive Cardiac Failure (medical)

Children's Cancer Foundation

Carcinoid Cancer Foundation (White Plains, NY)

Coca-Cola Foundation (est. 1984)

Credit Commercial de France (company)

Crédit Commercial de France

Cross-Correlation Function

Children Come First

Capital Construction Fund

Common Cause Failure

Congress for Cultural Freedom

Chinese Communist Forces

Contest Club Finland

Campaign for Children and Families

Council on Contemporary Families

Camion-Citerne Feux de Forêts (French: Forest Fire Tanker Truck)

Campaign for California Families

Coupled Cyclotron Facility (Michigan State University)

China Charity Federation

Credit Conversion Factor (finance)

Common Contractual Fund

Communist Chinese Forces

Climate Change Forum (various locations)

Campus Christian Fellowship

Citizens' Constitutional Forum

Credit Card Format (driver license; South Africa)

Corporate Counsel Forum (conference)

Carotid-Cavernous Fistula

Capsulated Color Filter

Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation

Community College Foundation

Community Christian Fellowship

Central Cultural Fund (Sri Lanka)

Certificado de Capacidade Física (Portuguese: Certificate of Physical Function; Brazilian civil aviation)

Charging Collection Function

Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand

Custom Calling Features

Common Connector Framework

Collaborative Computing Frameworks

Central Control Facility

Colitis Crohn Foreningen (Danish: Colitis Crohn's Association)

Center for Children + Families

Cultural Communities Fund (American Library Association)

Customer Care Form

Central Computer Facility

Central Clearance Facility

Cell Culture Facility

Call Centre Forum (various locations)

Current Crest Factor (lighting)

Chambéry Cyclisme Formation (French cycling training team; Chambéry, France)

Christian Church Foundation

Converter Compressor Facility (NASA)

Connection Control Function

Canadian Communications Foundation

Cartoon Cartoon Fridays

Core Computational Facility

Contingent Credit Facility (development banks)

Call Control Functions (3GPP)

Copenhagen Choir Festival

Catholic Community Forum

Campus Computing Facilities

Communauté de Communes de Flandre (French: Community of Communes of Flanders)

Catholic Chaplaincy Fellowship

Caribbean Culinary Federation

Culture Collection of Fungi

Cost Comparison Form

Carcassonne, France - Salvaza Airport (Airport Code)

Cromatografía en Capa Fina (Spanish)

Creative City Fukuoka (Japan)

Change Control Form

Carrying a Concealed Firearm

Caltech Christian Fellowship

Controller Configuration Facility

Council on Children & Families

Contact Clout Factor (marketing)

CryptLoad Container File

Comitato per la Cultura Ferroviaria (Italian)

Center for Computer Forensics

Collection Coordination Facility

Computer Center Feldbach

Culture Capital Foundation (Latvia)

Cromatografia de Capa Fina

College and Community Fellowship (New York, NY)

Canadian Central Facility

Current Calibration File

Common Counsel Foundation

Commonwealth Clothing Factory

Cognitive Centre Foundation

Common Cause Factor

Colleges Collaboration Fund

Conventional Counter Force

Capital Christian Fellowship (Lanham, MD)

Correctional Custody Facility

Christian Children’s Fellowship

Centennial Correctional Facility (Colorado)

Congenital Clubfoot

Conformance Control Feature

Contact Center Framework (Microsoft)

Communauté de Communes de la Forêt (French: Community of Communes of the Forest)

Center for Computational Finance

Cerritos College Foundation

College of Central Florida (Ocala, FL)

Corvette Club de France (French automobile club)

Colombian Coffee Federation

Corporate Citizenship Facility

Collateralized Commodity Futures

Configurable Control Functions

Customer Complaint Form

Cowtown Celtic Festival (Texas)

Club Corrado France (French automobile club)

Capillary Channel Flows

Central Coordinating Facility

Claim Correction Form

Contrôle de la Chaine du Froid (French time-temperature indicator company)

Corpus Christi Fellowship

Camion Club de France (French vintage vehicle association)

Christian Coalition of Florida (Ocala, FL)

Consolidated Communications Facility (NASA Johnson Space Center)

Case Control File

Computer Club Fichtelgebirge

Communications Control Field

Chine Conseil, Formation (French: China Consulting, Training)

Critical Combat Function

Cabot, Cabot and Forbes (real estate development firm)

Component Characteristics File

Configuration Control Form

Centum Cubic Feet (natural gas/water consumption)

Cyprus Chess Federation

Corps Contingency Force

Capacity-Cost Function

Claude Carpe Fishing (French fishing supply company)

Computing and Communications Foundation

Configuration Change Form

Configuration Control Facility

Consolidated Communications Facilities

Closed Chain First

Common Cause Florida

Commercial Concepts and Furniture

Central Centered Face

Course Corrected Fuze

Coverage Confirmation Form (insurance)

Correct Classification Factor

G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility (Jackson, Michigan)

Channel Carrying First

Claim Coverage Confirmation

Claim Coverage Form

Combined Computer Facility

Communications Collection Facility

Component Characteristic File

Controlled Clay Feed

Combined Course Faculty

Club Citroën France (French automobile club)

Classic Cartesian Feedback (microwave theory)

Citroën Club Fryslân (automobile club; Fryslân, Netherlands)

Captain Costal Forces (Royal Navy; UK)

Cuivre, Chrome, Fluor (French: Copper, Chromium, Fluorine)