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Acronym References

What is TDD ?

Test-driven Development

Develop test-driven (Test-driven development) is a process development platform is based on the repetition of a series of courses in too short a development is located: the beginning programmer a test case (in the beginning, have failed) to improve the desirable, or create new functionality, writes, then the least amount of changes to the code that caused the pass to be tested, writes, then the new code to acceptable standards reorganization does.

a software engineer to Kent Beck, who developed, or "" this method is to he attributed, in 2003, stated that TDD simple designs and inspires confidence, encourages.

Test-driven development is related to the concepts of test-first (test-first programming concepts), programming, and eXtreme Programming (extreme programming), which in 1999 was raised, but recently more interest compared to your own have created.

programmers, the same can take this concept to improving and debugging legacy code developed with older techniques to operate.