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Acronym References

What is سپکا ?

سگ‌های پلیس کار ازموده

Police drug Naja unit the police force as one of the units active and the elite in Iran has a single exceptional to name (police dogs, ).

This unit is people empowerment can be administered that education and specialized training the dogs that they can in many missions and operations, the police can role play the effectiveness of your action.

tip pause in this unit is that each of the dogs under the supervision of a coach trained and only his trainer, letter, Shanwei have and on the other hand, coach to the language of your favorite casual Persian, English or German, with the dog speaks and the animal, under the command of his trainer.

each of the dog units based on the capabilities and functionality that. under training placed. For example, some of the dogs ability to high in the quests related to the hostage are under the supervision of your instructor training related to this type of mission to learn.

some of the dogs the ability to well in the exploration of drugs and medication are some other due to having José, psychologically, and create fear and panic, to calm the disturbances are appropriate. This center, What if there's no Karaj is located.سپکا