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Acronym References

What is W ?
Weight in a scientific language, and engineering, to force it can be said that the effect of gravity to mass to enter. But nowadays all people and even in many text official and legal, in place of the word weight, they use the order mass of the object.

the word weight, gravitational force entered from the land side to the objects and units that Newton is. The nature of the weight of the tube, the force and . The weight of an object to its mass of the object and the amount of the force of gravity entered on it, the object is dependent on. Weight, unlike Mass much a flat no, and if the force of gravity entered on the object changed, such as situations where the object to another planet, and transported, the weight of that object also change.

a large force, with W (for average) display. A large force is the mass of the object or m multiply in a great acceleration of the local gravity of the Earth, or g, then we can say: W = mg. In the Vector Space, weight, with the symbol W (for bold) display do offer. weight measurements in a standard system of international or SI Newton is considered. To sample the physical, with a mass of 1 kg, a weight equal to 9. the 8 Newton, in the surface of the Earth and on the lunar surface of equal weight, with about one-sixth (1/6) your weight on Earth and in space, away from the mass of precipitation in such a way that the effect of the force of gravity on the object is near zero it. can be said that the object almost weight....
What is مگ ?
Megabyte (Meg) or MB, etc. information and storage in a computer. This word from the prefix Mega, and the word Bytes is formed. Generally, two definitions of MB is available. In the definition of Prime Order of MB 220 bytes, or 1, the 048 is 576 bytes and can be. This definition is generally about the amount of data storage space on the computer goes to work. In this definition, a MB The m'boi byte is also read. In the second definition of units international system of units mega used. So thats the shape of a megabyte equals a million bytes. This definition, approved by the SI and the IEC is, and the majority of builders equipment, hardware, data storage they use it. In the third definition, which is much rarer, is MB to Kilo KB ( the first equivalent of 1000), assuming and equal to 210 × 103 or 1 the 024, the 000 bytes fall....
What is NOK ?
Norwegian Krone
Norway (Noreg), officially the kingdom of Norway, Kingdom, independent and is that territory which the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula., the Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard in the Arctic, right through to place. After the signing of the Treaty of Spitsbergen (the name of the Treaty of Svalbard is also known) on 9 February 1920 (19 February, 1298) mastered the absolute and complete Norway over the archipelago of Spitsbergen (now Svalbard is called) was recognized. The island of Peter the first at the South Pole and also Bouvet Island, near Antarctica, the realms of affiliate to Norway are as a part of the kingdom are not considered. Norway claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica called the land of the Empress also. Up to the year 1814 (1192) Faroe Islands., the Greenland and Iceland part of the kingdom of Norway is considered members.

Norway 385 is 207 kilometers, and its population totaled 5, the 109, the 059 people.[11] the country of the East has a bar, a long border with Sweden, as well as from the North-East by Finland and Russia, to the South by the Strait of is bordered. The Norwegian coast is long and to the Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea is connected.

Harald the fifth of the dynasty the king of Norway. Erna Solberg with a succession of Jens Stoltenberg of the year 2013 the Prime Minister of Norway. According to the Constitution, a constitutional monarchy developed in the year 1814 (1192) power in this country between the parliament, the king and the Council of the Kingdom and the Supreme Court is divided. Between the years 1661 until 1814 (1039 until 1193) absolute monarchy on Norway reigned and ahead of the year 1661 (1039) power between the king and the elite was divided. The kingdom of Norway that in the year 872 (251) from one kingdom to the local Piteå (tribal societies in Norway) the future was one of the oldest kingdoms of Europe and the world, which is still in place. This kingdom to the duration of 1100 years consecutively, there are over sixty of the king, and Kent on it sentence have driven.

divisions of the office in Norway in two-level city and municipal, are. People Sami by the Sami Parliament and the law of Finnmark has a certain amount of autonomy in the realms of traditional institutions. This country has close relations with the EU (despite the failure of the two referendum to join Norway to the EU) and the United States of America can be. Norway is one of the founding members of the organization of the United Nations. NATO, the Council of Europe, treaty, Antarctica., the council, Nordic., The Economic Area of Europe, the World Trade Organization, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and development, and also part of the Schengen area poses comes....
What is TRY ?
Turkish New Lira
Turkish (TRY) money, the countries of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is. the underside of the lira Iran is. Every cent deal is equal to one lira is. Printing money in Turkey on ۂ the Central Bank of Turkey (Iş Bank and AK bank) is.

from 31 January 2005 4 the zero of the rotation of Polly was cleared and from then on it lira leave the new or YTL, it was said; and from January 1, 2009 from YTL to TL changed. Now just in Turkey, up to 10,000 credits a day mare, there are methods and you sums the digits up in banks for investments up to 30% is paid. This the end of the year 2021, the credit and the day will be collected.

so far, click on The , the lira, just the picture of Ataturk and Ismet Inonu role have closed. Of course, Ismet Inonu, just a president between the years of 1938 up to 1950's....
What is MYR ?
Million Years
Deaths (Myr) girl wrote a million years, that is equal to the period of time, a million years old. Examples of the application of the YK, age, estimated the universe is around 13٫798 mortality (million year), equal to 13 billion 798 million years is estimated....
What is UZS ?
Uzbekistani Sum
Third, the currency of Uzbekistan...
What is LKR ?
Sri Lankan Rupee
money country, Sri Lanka rupee (in Sinhala: රුපියල්, etc. to Tamil: ரூபாய்) (show: Rs...
What is ZWL ?
Zimbabwean Dollar
Zimbabwe dollar with the code ZWL, etc. currency in the country of Zimbabwe. Responsibility for control of The money is the responsibility of the Central Bank of Zimbabwe is located.

beginning in 2006 money of the country of Zimbabwe dollar first to Zimbabwe dollar second change and then the Zimbabwe dollar, the third, and in 2009, your place to Zimbabwe dollar fourth alliance.

now Zimbabwe money, Independent, does not have any Zimbabwe dollar is worthless....
What is VND ?
Vietnamese Dong
Dong (Dong) etc. the official currency, the country of Vietnam...
What is THB ?
Thailand Baht
Baht (Baht) money country of Thailand. Every baht equal to 100 "" is.

in the summer of 1397 per baht in Iran equal to 1, the 298/87 rial value is....
What is UYU ?
Uruguayan Peso
The peso Uruguay (peso uruguayo) with code UYU, etc. Money common in the country Uruguay is. Responsibility for control of The money is the responsibility of the Central Bank of Uruguay located....
What is UAH ?
Ukrainian Hryvnia
There () (in Ukrainian: гривня) money country of Ukraine. There from 2 September 1996 alternative was....
What is ILS ?
Israel New Shekel
Spring, Ava Addams (ILS) money Israel and the Palestinian territories is that with the code ISO 4217 ILS becomes apparent, and has inflation of 0. the 5% is any form equivalent to 100 is....
What is MOL ?
The mole is one of the enum is. A mole, according to the traditional definition, some of any substance is the number of elementary particles it (molecule or Atom) equal to the number of atoms contained in 12 grams of carbon-12. This number, also the number called and is equal to 1023×(74)6. the 022140857

that, in fact, some of the object that number of units, the stem of which is equal to the number it. a mole is the SI units are expected to be.

to obtain a mole of a substance just the number 1023 ×6. the 02's because we to the amount of atoms or molecules of each substance, a mole of that substance is said to be, in fact, because of being hard working with unit amu in the lab, or better to say impossible, being that scientists have to think about the Innovation Unit, the mole fell.

matching the new definition(the necessary run after 20, 2019), a mole contains exactly 1023×(0)6. the 02214076 particle(atom, molecule, etc.).

to the mass of a mole particle (atom, molecule or ion) based on the G-mass, molar, say. mass molar g mol (g/mol) is. In other words, crime, Molly, crime 6. the 02214086 × 1023, or briefly 1023 ×6. the 02 of a material or a magnifying glass shows. For example, the mass molar hydrogen to approximation, etc. 1, the helium 4, etc. carbon-12, iron 56 and 238 is.

molecule of a substance equal to the total mass molar atom builder it can be. For example, the molecule water (H2O) equal to 18= 16 1(2) (C) because the molecule of hydrogen 1 g mol and each molecule of water 2 hydrogen atoms there are, and the molecule of oxygen, also 16 grams, the mole is.

In terms of numerical, etc. the mass of a Atom, on the basis of amu equal to the mass of a mole of the same atoms in terms of grams. For example, the mass of one atom of iron amu 56 and the mass of a mole of iron 56 grams is; the mass of one atom of oxygen, 16 amu, and the mass of molar oxygen is also 16 g/mol can be.

to obtain the mass of an Atom based on the amu can also be the number of neutrons and protons together collectors, clamps, and mass number resulting to a good approximation the same as the atomic mass based on the amu is of course, regardless of the isotope (time places)of that element. For example, the atom that more found in nature (94%), and etc. lithium-7, which means 3 protons and 4 neutrons there are. In this case, we say atomic mass lithium against 7 amu is a good approximation to the atomic mass of its real (6.94 amu) is very close. So can we say:

mass number of lithium=mass of atomic lithium(amu)=mass molar lithium(g) =7

to solve the issues of the mole in chemistry the high school, there are two methods; the one fraction conversion and the other methods fitness. Method fit in exams essay and the final is not acceptable, and even in the case of the right solution and get to the answer score to the student accrued not take place; however, an appropriate method to solve the questions test is. The first method, namely, deduction, conversion, etc. in chemistry, tenth year (Chemistry 1, chemistry in the path of sustainable development) are explained and solved questions with this method in exams is mandatory....
What is GAL ?
gallons, volume is that in both systems, conventional American and Royal British in three different amount is used. In the UK, Canada and some countries in the Caribbean from gallon Imperial or gallon Royal use to be, which is almost equal to 4. the 546092 liters can be. \"A gallon of American\" for the liquid material in the U.S. and some Latin American countries, that of Japan, almost 3. the 785412 liter. A gallon of American, that for a solid material that is rarely used that value almost 4. the 40 liters can be. In Iran, per gallon 3/78 liters can be....
What is MAH ?
Mili Amper Hour
An amp-hour (or Ah, A·h, A h) of the electrical load, mAh (mAh) and mAh seconds (mAs). Any amp hour 3600 Coulomb (amp second) and electric charge passing through the constant flow of 1 amp for 1 hour is equal. Amp hours more to measure the system, electrochemistry such as electroplating and battery used. MAh (mAh or mA·h), that public more from the amp-hour is one thousandth of an amp-hour value.

mAh H, (mAs or mA·s) to measure the radiation X applied to the Vacationer in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy. This quantity with all the energy of the beam, X, processed by tunnel with the voltage fixed, fits. Fixed Faraday is a mole of electrons and 26, the 8 amp-hour is equal. This is more for calculating, electrochemistry is used.

The thing is that the AMP hours a energy....
What is MIS ?
Mercalli Intensity Scale
Scale (Mis) measure of the earthquake is that the intensity of damage in the earthquake of the show.

destructive power of an earthquake in addition to its power to the structure of the Earth in the desired area, and the design and location of structures, construction of human depends. The amount of destruction come usually with scale expression. Scientists can grade the Richter Scale just after the earthquake and when the possibility to compare data from different stations seismography? deputy minister. But the degree of will not be quickly identified, and it is necessary that the researchers have sufficient time to review the events that, during earthquakes, the data is at the disposal. When impression, the precise amount of damages incurred. can be is appropriate estimate. The intensity of an earthquake with the scale of celebrity be introduced this intensity, in fact, represent the amount of feeling of individuals and living creatures from the earthquake and impact on structures.

contrary to the general impression of the people, the earthquake intensity in addition to Blessed (Richter) to several factors, including depth of the epicenter of the earthquake, bedrock, etc. in the lower layers, distance from the earthquake epicenter and... is dependent.

overall, the Blessed is with the Richter scale is a parameter of the geological and intensity with the scale a parameter engineering. in the meantime, Richter from 18 but of 112 grading....
What is BTC ?
Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain. Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto and released as open-source software in 2009. Bitcoins are created as a reward for a process known as mining. They can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services. Research produced by the University of Cambridge estimates that in 2017, there were 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been criticized for its use in illegal transactions, its high electricity consumption, price volatility, thefts from exchanges, and the possibility that bitcoin is an economic bubble. Bitcoin has also been used as an investment, although several regulatory agencies have issued investor alerts about bitcoin....