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Acronym References

What is رشتو ?
رشته توییت
This phrase on Twitter used to decide, and to the meaning of the string of tweets can be. ( I.e., multiple tweets that have me linked )...
What is IDLE ?
Integrated DeveLopment Environment
Your LG a code editor (IDE) for Python. The accompanying software packages, Linux is not supplied and perfectly with the Python language written and easiest program code editor (IDE) for Python that comes with the bundle python in Windows operating system and Mac install....
What is MVN ?
Apache Maun (Apache Maven) is a management tool and define the project based on the concept of POM - Project Object Model is. Maven means a repository of knowledge. Maven is a comprehensive method for Project Management from compile-time to publish-up documentation to team cooperation provides, in one such Maven is a framework of Project Management (Project Management Framework) can be. maven build tools and manage the Java project that is somewhat similar apachi ant, but the overall structure is different. Of course, can be the maven in your projects, c...
What is RWX ?
Read Write Executable
RWX-level or access files in Linux operating system and is meant to read, write and execute the file....
What is GIB ?
Gigabyte, or GB, information and storage in a computer. This word from the prefix Giga, and the word Bytes is formed. This term means one billion bytes or 109 bytes or 1000 MB., but in the calculations that the bytes according to the power of 2 (can be binary) is calculated, a billion bytes, the equivalent of 230, or 1, the 073, the 741, the 824 bytes to be. In this case, each gigabyte equal to 1024 megabytes is that the single GiB can be written on. in other words, each equal to 210 m'boi bytes.

the application of each of these two definitions depends on the application of it. So that to express the capacity of memory, hard disk, and the volume of data transfer in telecommunication, Internet, and computer networks to be 10, but to express the capacity of random-access memory computer (RAM) can be binary it used to be. From the historical perspective, the first time the Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the scale to be of switchyard upload (Switchgear) definition of the. But in 2008 committee recommendation International (ICE) to use it as in the system metric agreed....
What is DX ?
Direct X
Direct X (DirectX) set of programming interfaces software (APIs) that the things related to the environment, sharing multimedia on platforms, Microsoft is responsible. From specific applications, IT, programming, computer games, etc. video is three-dimensional. Operating system DOS allowed direct access to the cards. MOV, keyboard, mouse, audio devices and other parts of the system and provides help, while the Windows 95 memory model, protected, released, and programmers, allowing direct access to hardware did not like. Microsoft has a quick solution for programmers would need. (supervisor development), St. John's and (program director) together to solve this problem with a solution that finally DirectX was called the ... cooperation. The first version of DirectX in September, 1995 was published....
What is CURL ?
Client URL
Caorle (cURL) is a software computer that the library and Tools interface the command line for the transfer of data between the various provides.Project cURL product cURL and libcurl produces.This software the first time in the Year 1997 was the release of found....
What is PY ?
Python (Python) an integrated environment of software development, all-purpose, level and high, , etc. scripting, and open source is that by Ream in 1991 in the Netherlands was designed....
What is AVD ?
Android Virtual Device
Virtual simulator for the Android operating system...
What is VCS ?
Version Control System
Version control or source control is a system to control and measure changes the unit of information involved in creating a software program. Unit information and this could include source files, etc. directories, etc. Mick, files, objects, software and ... source control, especially where the importance of finds that the programmer ask the resource in common work. In this case, is that concepts like comparison. composition, interference and ... AGO come that source control must be able to perfect solution for each offer. Nowadays, usually the software for this work used. However, still there are companies that of the old methods like having a text file in any folder, hard copy and ... using it can be....
What is HEIC ?
High-Efficiency Image Container
File video very high quality ( format digital )...
What is IPG ?
Internet Payment Gateway
The internet as one of the tools of the new payment makes it possible for people provided to vendors of goods and services to be able to connect the virtual store to the online payment system to simply and speed up the goods in their sell and services to offer. the
company Electronic Payment Saman (SAP) as the first payment service provider of internet in the country's banking system is that in different media, ranging from internet, mobile and payments within the program access to the internet payment possibility), and the purchase and sale of the internet, in a secure environment, high speed, prepared has.
ـ with ـ to ـ ـ that the user of The ـ pay it internet do of the up-to-date port payment cover gives. the

this page ـ internet instead of. card holders ـ member ـ ـ, etc. ـ ــ be for distance of goods and services needed through your web site adopters, internet bought and receive....
What is RPM ?
Redhat Package Manager
RPM Package Manager (RPM) (originally Red Hat Package Manager; now a recursive acronym) is a free and open-source package management system. The name RPM refers to .rpm file format and the package manager program itself. RPM was intended primarily for Linux distributions; the file format is the baseline package format of the Linux Standard Base.

Although it was created for use in Red Hat Linux, RPM is now used in many Linux distributions. It has also been ported to some other operating systems, such as Novell NetWare (as of version 6.5 SP3), IBM\'s AIX (as of version 4), CentOS, Fedora (from the Fedora Project, also sponsored by Red Hat), and Oracle Linux. All versions or variants of these Linux operating systems use the RPM Package Manager....
What is PKG ?
PVC Pine (pkg), a system management pack for the operating system ferry bi SD is. The IS PHP, which is a replacement for using traditional pkg_* is. For this reason, sometimes it pkg Next Generation or pkgNG (next-generation package manager) and can be said. The user with the use of PHP, which can proceed to install, remove, update, and ... packages, pre-compiled track. Also to help the wake, which information can be different in the case of the installation package has been acquired. The wake, which from a repository remote to install and update packages binary uses. Closed binary, usually files with the file extension .xz that are directly on the port, the ferry bi SD are created. Now Pi, which enter the tree -CURRENT ferry wireless, SD is in Version 10 ferry eBay feeds di to completely replace the orders, the traditional pkg_* will be....
What is JSON ?
JavaScript Object Notation
jаvascript Object Notation (JSON) is an open-standard file format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and array data types (or any other serializable value). It is a very common data format, with a diverse range of applications, such as serving as replacement for XML in AJAX systems....
What is WAF ?
Web Application Firewall
An application layer firewall in the form of walls of fire (firewall) is that the input, output or availability of, to or by an application or service will control the track. Firewall (wall of fire) by monitoring and blocking the potential entrance who or invoke the system services that the policy configuration of the firewall to estimate not the practice track.

firewall software, usually in order to control all the traffic (communication) network on the layer of the OSI layer, applications can be built, and unlike a firewall, a network (stateful), that is, without having software to be able to control network traffic regarding a program or a specific software not can applications and the services to the particular control. The two main categories of firewall software are:

the walls of the fire software-based network
firewall software host-based (computer)....
What is APPS ?
Software Application (Application software) or app (App) is a computer application that is to run a group of functions, coordinate and ... tasks or activities for the benefit of the user is designed. Examples of software applications include: word processor, upload, pages, extensive, data. software, accounting, web browsers, etc. email reader, media players, etc. viewing the insurer's records, etc. similar instruments flying and editors, graphic. These words, contrasted words, the software system means can't find that mainly include a run down computer becomes. Software, system in front in the background of the acts and services that provides other software or operating system can to do your tasks, and use it. But, instead, usually directly with the ordinary user in the Do Not Call and service to him do not offer....
What is QUIC ?
Quick UDP Internet Connections
Connection fast internet UDP...
What is NFV ?
Network function virtualization
Virtualization network performance...