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Acronym References

What is GAISF ?
General Association of International Sports Federations
The Global Association of the Sports Federation International...
What is ICPO ?
International Criminal Police Organization
Interpol or Interpol, etc., International Enterprise, is to fight with criminals international and to make public security of the member countries to come there. Interpol is the short name of the organization International Criminal Police is that in 1923 in Vienna, the Austrian capital was created. The main objective of the organization; cooperation between the police of member countries, and coordinate the judicial authorities of these countries to fight criminals and crime, and international. The headquarters of this organization now in the city of Lyon, France. This organization since the UN's largest entity, the international is....
What is IAA ?
International Advertising Association
The organization of global advertising, the IAA, or of the International Union of advertising, or the International Association of advertising, in the official documents and historical Iran from the beginning with the name of the organization World Advertising well-known[1][2] an institution, the International founded in 1938, has been.

This puts the center of it in New York - United States of America - located for the first time in the year 1353 solar by Farhad Iran and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, from the year 1357 to the year 1394 (2015) in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the office and the official representative of the problem.

this entity with the approval of the judiciary of America in 1938 (seven years before the founding of the United Nations) with the form of corporation (legal entity for cooperation without dividends) and in 1953 he was new, as the international corporation organization (the legal entity for participation in international cooperation without dividends), but in the form of proprietary rights, are a US registered and in the year 2007 with the change of The Shape of the organization (organization) Your identity fully to international brand of your IAA affiliate has. But represent it in different countries, that chapter called rules-based and the capacity of the host country, each situation, records-legal, have different, for example, in India for a co. in Turkey for a council of the specialty, in England, for a Institute, in the United Arab Emirates, to form a community. in Australia, as a scientific association is registered that the share of all the dealers in the recognition of it by the centrality of international IAA (As a reference, reliable, scientific in the field of marketing and ad trading in their own country), Venice, representation, brand, International the IAA is.

the organization World, advertising today, in 81 countries, developed and developing, through training, standardization, transfer of technology and mutual cooperation, International, Development, Scientific, marketing and commercial advertising track track....
What is ASPE ?
Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
Vice president of planning and assessment, the minister of State (Department of Health and Human Services, United States)...
What is ASHRAE ?
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
or (ASHRAE) means the organization, engineering, heating and cooling and air conditioning of America. This organization in 1894, was established, which has 57 thousand members expert the building from 132 nationalities in the world.

The focus of this forum on energy efficiency and quality of internal air and building heating and cooling, and reliability in the industry.

What is ZAB ?
Zukunfts Agentur Brandenburg
The central office of the higher education external (ZAB) reference Central for the assessment of foreign degrees in Germany. These documents include the certificates of education, degrees and qualifications academic can be. ZAB services for educational institutions in Germany, the state authorities of Germany and the people provides. Every year over 80000 demand, by ZAB will be answered.

in ZAB, depending on the specific goals of each degree., the professionals several responsible for the detection and confirmation of the documents are foreign. Organs and officials of several possible ZAB request an expert assessment about for general information about a country and educational system it. to. This information about the educational system, Foreign through the database “anabin” is also available.

ZAB at the request of holders of Qualifications, Graduate, reputation and certificates, compare pussies about the conditions of higher education in foreign export markets. This certificate to employers in Germany, and employment agencies in Germany helps the evaluation of qualifications Excellent overseas Germany they facilitate. Especially immigrants who wish to work in Germany are from this service benefit are, because apart from this, no reference to the jurisdiction of another for the purpose of evaluation and recognition responsibly, qualifications in Germany there is not....
What is ISDS ?
International Sheep Dog Society
The international sheepdog...
What is WPATH ?
World Professional Association for Transgender Health
The Global Association of the support of the health sexual orientation and gender identity...
What is NYCC ?
North Yorkshire County Council
City Council North Yorkshire...
What is NCAA ?
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
The Bureau of Civil Aviation, Nigeria...
What is BAMF ?
Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge
Immigration and refugees...
What is SITE ?
Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
The association technology and teacher education...
What is IRPGF ?
International Revolutionary Peoples Guerrilla Forces
The forces of the right people's revolutionary international (IRPGF) the mass of fighters, guerilla anarchist collective from around the world. The group on 31 March 2017, was formed. The group with the aim of forming your defense of the social revolution in Rojava, in northern Syria, and the spread of anarchism, he said.

militants IRPGF part of the units in Liberty International, which from April 2017, have been formed. Turkey as terrorist organizations, and the part of the parties integrated Workers ' Party of Kurdistan people....
What is UNIFEM ?
United Nations Development Fund for Women
Fund United Nations Development for women...
What is BEA ?
Book Expo America
International Exhibition of the book in America (its acronym BEA), the largest trade show book annual of America.

This exhibition is the first International Book Fair annually in North America and the International Book Fair English-language world is from the Year 1902, with the presence of the "mark twin" renowned American author began.

book fairs USA, often in May or early June, during 3 or 4 days in one of the large cities of the United States held almost all of the publishing, the great United States of America, and a lot of publishing out of the USA in it can participate. Authors, library owners, and buyers, component of the book also in the exhibition will participate.

In addition to displaying books in the stands, a lot of the time the exhibition is spent it can be that institutions and businesses, digital publishing, etc. as your future introduction and to communicate with colleagues, to buy and sell the right to sub print, and the right to publish international books effort.

the exhibition is usually about a million visits are....
What is چفخا ?
Guerrillas arms of Iran (abbreviation: ) the name of the political group which is small now, against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The centrality of this group, like the other opposition forces out of the country, and in this case, mainly Europe and England....
What is شیت ?
شورای یاوری تهیدستان
In the months leading up to the revolution of Bahman 1357, a group called the Council of supporters poor in Kermanshah was formed. The council for the abbreviation of "sheet" was called. Sid what Jafari, members of the association command, the group responsible for and your group to participate in the suppression of opponents of the regime of the Islamic Republic in Kurdistan, in the mountains of Kurdistan Education Alliance. In the first months after the revolution, the members of the group to participate in the suppression of protests in Kurdistan to Sanandaj went. This group, in Kermanshah, he was active and assassinations of many political activists opposed to the regime to it than was given, but the group never not the terrors, undertook not it is rejected. After a long time of inactivity, members survivor of this group in the demonstration of 29 seal 1374 in the field of industry, Tehran, Iran, under the title of Ansar Hezbollah, Kermanshah, Iran, as a branch of the network, the Ansar Hezbollah in the cities of porn, Iran announced the existence of forces....
What is نقاب ?
نجات قیام ایران بزرگ
Mohammad Bani-Ameri., the colonel, a retired Gendarmerie., the designer and commander of the military "operation mask" (an acronym for "Save the uprising in Iran, big") or "operation " that in the literature, the official Islamic Republic "coup " is called....
What is CENTCOM ?
United States Central Command
Central Command headquarters, United States of America - St. com (CENTCOM) headquarters, the commander of the whole forces of the American army in the region, Middle East, East Africa and Asia .

CENTCOM is one of six headquarters of the command of the whole army, the United States and the center of its current at MacDill Air Force Base in the state of Florida, America is.

This headquarters on 1 January 1983, was established. Operations, mine-laying Iran in the Persian Gulf and the reaction of the US in a few military operations against Iran, led to the first conflict, U.S. Central Command was.

war, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and the Iraq War, including the war are under the command of this headquarters were headed.

the command on 1 January 1983, was established. Centcom, as the name suggests, Region "Central" of the world located between the command of Africa, Europe and India-the quiet covers. With the importance of finding the consolidation of American interests in the region in the wake of the hostage crisis in Iran and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, President Jimmy Carter, Committee, joint arrangement, force, fast, in March 1980 the establishment of the village. In a period when the two steps for the transformation of this committee into a command headquarters, the Permanent was removed. The first step, an independent building committee of the command, the readiness of the United States, with the activation of CentCom in January 1983. Overcome imagination that this command is still to establish a working group designed to support the strategy of the Cold War is not over, and command, except the name no time-range.

the Iran-Iraq War clearly underlined the growing tensions in the region have highlighted and expand operational, such as mining Iranian oil in the Persian Gulf led to do the first combat operations, Centcom was. On May 17, 1987., the twenty-third battleship USB, USS Stark, etc. operating in the Persian Gulf in the Iran-Iraq War empty. the ship by rocket that is a plane full of Iraqi Negev. 37 the losses of embezzlement. Immediately after that looking the part of what later as a "war ship, the oil tanker" known. the Federal Government of the United States, by switching the flag and raise the flag of Kuwait on 11 oil tanker ship Kuwaitis. In the operation of the Will serious, the ship, the oil tanker that forces Middle East Centcom, the US through the Gulf to Kuwait, and through the Strait of Hormuz escort it.

The Supreme Council of national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 19 April, 1398 Times, April 8, 2019 ad, in response to the action of the American government to the inclusion of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps on the list of terrorist groups, America, Centcom, as terrorist groups in terms of Iran announced.

the US recently, the USS Abraham Lincoln for control of the movement in Iran to the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea has sent....
What is NSRC ?
National Salinity Research Center
The National Center for research salinity...