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Acronym References

What is ALM ?
The phrase ALM in digital clock, etc. to the meaning of the alert, alarm or the same alarm can be. To this purpose, that after the specified this alert, the head, time given, time you to call....
What is Covidiot ?
Covid-19 Idiot
Means someone who is stubbornly against the advice of the social to relations resistance to change, and to the spread of the virus Corona skirt knocks. the
however, The translator, etc. equivalent to the English \"\" for the dictionary suggestion is given....
What is IMHO ?
In My Honest Opinion
Honestly, from my point of view...
What is ADL ?
Adl means mature and is for people above 12 years is said to be....
What is شبخ ?
شب بخیر
The phrase often Twitter is used to decide, and to the meaning of good night, say, Well....
What is PR ?
Public Relations
Public relations (PR) to the knowledge management cycle, information, etc. between an individual or an organization, etc. (ranging from business and economic, government, or NGO), the public, and applicable dates.

public relations, as is a bridge between an organization and its target audience.Public relations is the transfer and analysis of information and comments the management of the institution to the audience and transfer the analysis of the information these groups to the management in order to create alignment and harmony in interests and interests.

public relations is a set of actions and efforts, on account that any organization to make communications effective and targeted with the groups with which to relate to can do.

public relations, the face of an organization or institution with through addressing the topics and contents of the news can do that to common interests, it is relevant. Lectures in conferences, etc. cooperation with the media, and productivity from them, crisis communications, employment, and to social affairs, through the media and communicate with employees. among the duties of the profession. The activity of public relations, so direct and tangible are not the same., the difference between the ads. Public relations can build relationships, understanding, peaceful with employees, customers, investors, voters and the general public to work.

almost any enterprise, that public opinion is concerned, there are demands to provide a clear picture of your sight, it is a kind of public relations to serve takes place. Some of the related disciplines under the name of communications company, peer relations, media, investor relations, communications and internal working relationships are to the activities of Public Relations the relevancy they have. Staff public relations generally, their attention to making with those focused on that to be compatible with it even though. PR staff must know how to form transparent write, speak, they, and by analyzing the matters related to the organization and institution of the ... to fix and refer issues to pay. These skills strongly about the Require, because in the field of Public Relations, Communication, continuous among the staff and those that there are in determining the policies of nations. incriminated. PR staff also have to have Android making critical pay to be able to mediate this skill, to solve the problems of potential customers and clients, your take action.

public relations has several territory, something it is known and all accepted more public relations financial, public relations, products and public relations crisis is:
Public Relations Financial, mainly Information reporters commercial provides.
public relations preparations for a products featured or services (instead of the ad business) reputation you have achieved.
public relations crisis to the charge of undue and false information gives the answer....
What is SLM ?
The phrase Slm for the acronym in the conversations or chats used you get to the meaning of peace out is....
What is THRU ?
Phrase Thru, usually on credit cards Visa Card, MasterCard, etc. and... to form Valid Thru inserted, and means being reliable, up to date book would be....