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Acronym References

What is RaCK ?
Risk-aware Consensual Kink
This know is composed of three words (Risk-aware...
What is SSC ?
Safe Sane Consensual
This know is composed of three words (Safe...
What is CBRN ?
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defense
Defense (Shane M C E) (abbreviation CBRN), which is short for the phrase, defense, chemical, microbial, etc. ., the core is to forces, etc. units and tools to deal with weapons, chemical, microbial, etc. core goes to work. Until the end of the Cold War, the phrase for Washington, DC. antimicrobial, etc. chemical (abbreviation ABC) went to work, which is then for nuclear and. microbial., the chemical (abbreviations NBC) was changed. By making weapons , the protocol in 2012, and defense (abbreviation CBRN) Change found. This term earlier, and in the course of the Iran-Iraq war for SB, CE, CF, also used went that short phrase chemical-biological-radioactive....
What is PEGIDA ?
Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes
PEGIDA movement (PEGIDA) means Europeans Patriot against the Islamisation West, kinetic, political, in Dresden, Germany.

This movement from October 2014, is sustained, is organizing public demonstrations with the purpose of the government of Germany. against what it Islamisation of the Western world continues is....
What is DINK ?
Dual Income, No Kids
The family no children to the couple said that the child didn't have. To English to the couple DINK said, namely, "family of two without children" can be.

nowadays, many couples prefer that the later children. In the Netherlands every 5 couples, a couple without children....
What is HORECA ?
Hotel Restaurant Cafe
or as a so-called brand in the industry, food services or companies active in this field are used, and stands for three words the hotel; the restaurant and cafe.

the so-called Dutch Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca or (UVH) to British identical conditions in the hotel industry and the restaurant gets translated. The so-called Nederland ecaorH Koninklijk in the Netherlands; hotels, pub, shops., restaurants and other commercial places, a similar practice takes place.

the so-called Dutch in commercial organizations and in the field of Industry, hotel, restaurant and Cafe used to be. In spite of this, the term in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, etc., Romania, and particularly in the Company International drinks can be used, but such an impression can be that this word first time in the Netherlands is used.

in Iran, for the first time the industry at the disposal of NGOs with a was launched

some of the companies producing tobacco of this word to distinguish the channels of sales such as sales channel, distribution, drinks, and food of channel sales, welfare services, tourism use, and the commercial sector in Europe, very is thriving, if in 2004, more than 7. the 8 people in this section were worked; and in addition, the amount totaled 338 billion sale, were. Temporary, CF. the lack of working hours, regular, low pay, and the future of the enigmatic features of the specified jobs of today. Hence, forces many young in this busy sector to be working....
What is AEE ?
Adult Entertainment Expo
Exhibition, entertainment, mature, (AEE) is a fair, mature, and also Commerce, that every year in the month of January in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, will be held....
What is FAME ?
Fans of Adult Media and Entertainment Award
Award fans entertainment mature for the acronym FAME (fam) in the year 2006, the foundation was laid. This award in the year 2006 by the Journal of (Genesis), the company Adam and Eve, the company WantedList, etc., radio Playboy and magazine AVN to rate the general public to film, actors and directors, pornography, favorite, Shaun was created. The headquarters of the festival in the city of Los Angeles.
in 2006, hosting the award to Carmen Luana. Tommy gun, and comedian Bob Levy (Bob Levy) was responsible.
in 2007, more than 100, the 000 votes were given., the ceremony on 23 June that year, hosted by Tera Patrick and Ivan Aston held....
What is F.O.X.E ?
Fans of X-Rated Entertainment
Fans entertainment category mature, briefly F. O. X. E is a festival fans of film pornography is. This festival is annually held, etc. awards to those involved in the movie pornography gives. The founders of the festival, actor and director of film, pornography, and critic of cinema, William and also are....
What is RML ?
Rescue Motor Launch
Quiet El 497 (bootstrap, motor ship), a ship that its length is 111. the 9-foot (34٫1 km) can be. This ship in 1941 were made....
What is TSM ?
Transportation System Management
Transport Management System...
What is NUM ?
Number or Number ( Number ) is one of the basic concepts of mathematics. This concept is very complex and is discussed in the past and more about security and thinking was put in. quotes that Plato in part from his travels with ideas of strange , including that the numbers of the objects surrounding physical man, the real trend was familiar.[1] at the beginning of the number for counting, and the measure went to work, but so are mathematicians, the concept of IT ago was and the concept of the number zero, negative numbers, etc. numbers, imaginary and complex numbers the innovations were. Mathematical operations include special methods that one or more numbers as the inner and get a number as the exterior makes. Operation only a number as the inner (input) and produce a number of outer (output) does. For example, counting operations a operation that to a number (number), correct the number one adds, and, therefore, sequence number 4 becomes 5. Operations, binary (binary) number of inner reception and a number of outer pays. Examples of the operation binary (binary) are: sum (add), a subtraction (), in factoring (part out) and be. Study and read operations, numeric (number) the account is called....
What is ESL ?
English as a Second Language
English as a second language...
What is URD ?
Urdu, the national language of Pakistan and is one of 22 national language in India. In terms of the number of dialects, var, camping France: the language of the world. This is the language of the language family Indo-Aryan is in terms of the genealogy of the English is relatively close. Languages, Hindi and Urdu, in fact, two dialects of the language Hindustani (Hindi-Urdu) are. Urdu and Hindi for the dialect of the artisans to each other, are comprehensible and In terms of phonology and grammar to the extent that more linguists, they have a single language they know. Hindustani is.[3] Urdu of this language is that in Pakistan, goes to work, with a line of Persian-Arabic can be written, and replete with specialized vocabulary and literary Persian, and Arabic. But Indian is that in India, goes to work, and with the line can be written and in the choice of specialized vocabulary and literary language, Sanskrit doesn't rely on. Single language, Hindustani, in terms of total speakers of the fourth language of the world. Urdu is my native language, less than eight percent of the people of Pakistan, but close to ninety percent of the people of this country, camping to any woman and can speak the language....
What is YEP ?
Youth Entrepreneurship Program
Program Youth Entrepreneurship...
What is خخخ ?
Khkhkh in texts, chat more is applied, and represents the intensity of laughter there is.
for example, be sure with the English word LOL ever encounter, which in some text by typing it into the face loooooooool intensity laugh so much, got display.
so, in English, from khkhkhkhkhkhkh used....
What is AVG ?
AVG in some of the text for the abbreviation of the word average can be written....
What is PKK ?
Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê
The Kurdistan Workers Party that stands for The Shape of the PKK, he gets the name of a group of leftist and armed in Kurdistan of Turkey that since 1984 as the organization guerrilla known that for an armed struggle against the Turkish state for autonomy in Kurdistan and the rights of cultural and political Kurds in Turkey fight. Also, the group by the US, the EU and many countries as a terrorist group is known.

C.K. Pre-K than seeking to create an independent state in Kurdish in the south and south-eastern Turkey. But now looking for the rights of cultural and linguistic Kurds and make some sort of PA in the framework of the borders of Turkey, and after the thirty-year conflict from late 2012 between the Turkish government and Abdullah Ocalan, the leader message.K. K., the peace negotiations started.

the party in the 70's as an organization would emerge, in the late 80's and 90's the greater part of southeastern Turkey, the scene of clashes between this group and the Turkish army was. The founder and leader of the party Abdullah Ocalan is now in prison in the island, the main goal now near Istanbul to take over. Since the absence of criticism, and was transferred to the prison, the PKK practically by one press release and a team of commanders of old were guided....
What is WSW ?
Women who have Sex with Women
Women who have with women sex have (WSW) women who are in sexual activities with other women are doing, these people can be homosexual, etc. bisexual and. transgender oriented or might not totally themselves without sexual orientation be introduced. The term WSW is often in the medical literature to describe such women as a group for clinical study without the need to consider gender identity of individuals can be used....
What is DILF ?
Daddy I'd Like to Fūck
Establishing a relationship with age ( the so-called father ) to or DILF say....