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Acronym References

What is CC ?
Closed Captioning
The phrase CC, generally in the control device ( including control of TV, satellite, etc.) to the meaning of the subtitle can be....
What is CC ?
Credit Card
Credit card or credit card (CC) some kind of a payment card, which is for natural persons or legal to be issued. This is the card to its holder, this will allow the base type of the contract, of the services and goods have an annual cost, it will pay. In other words, a credit limit to the user to be assigned that could it be the money, for the payment of borrow.

credit card for the first time in 1950 in the United States of America came into existence. Company with a contract between himself and a few restaurants attempting to create service, pay him. so that by providing the card customers could service the restaurant has used in the end of the month to a company named debt your pay.

credit cards by different systems of electronic management, and are processed. It generally include: the card has a memory and a processor Card (Smart Card), the card processing time (online), which is mainly used for Magnetic cards prepared and supplied and contactless cards (RFID). Of course there may be different additional types of identification cards(ID Card) as well as for credit cards be used, but these three types of most used. More in Europe, smart cards, and in the US from magnetic stripe cards for this type of card is used.

the origin of the creation of credit can companies. organs., the banks or financial institutions/credit be, but the management of it, usually by the system of electronic payments run. In many parts of the world, companies like Visa and Mastercard, management of such credits doing that, of course, in a lot of cases the origin of the creation of reputation, etc. themselves are not....
What is CH ?
The phrase CH generally, in the control device ( including control of TV, satellite, etc.) mean the channel....
What is VOL ?
Words, Vol, generally, in the control device ( including control of the TV. record, etc.) to the meaning of the sound or loudness of the sound can be....
What is F ?
The phrase F in the dashboard ( the air ) car, meaning full or complete....
What is E ?
The phrase E in the dashboard ( the air ) car, meaning empty....
What is L ?
The phrase L click on the gear in the car. meant to be. In fact, when the need for heavy gear you have ( for example, uphill or downhill ), you should gear the car on the mode L is. In this case, the brake for the car engine, activated.....
What is D ?
Words, the D on the gear of the car, meaning normal driving....
What is N ?
Words, the N on the gear of the car, meaning get rid of the - neutral....
What is P ?
The phrase P on the gear of the car or traffic signs, meaning the park can be....
What is R ?
Words, the R on the gear of the car, meaning the rear gear is....
What is ANC ?
Active Noise Control
Active control noise (ANC), which is as noise canceling or reducing the active-noise ratio (ANR) Nir known, the way to reduce the sound of unwanted by adding the second sound, which is specifically for the first sound is made....
What is MGTOW ?
Men Going Their Own Way
The men intercepted their process briefly (MGTOW) is a movement that for its members online communities are included. Cool, this is your social group that to for men, the risk is isolate. In fact, one of them is that men have of marriage and any time you shoot they have. These groups and their activities in the form of website and social media the brand. Criticism on are imported, stating that, instead of activism and protest to change the situation available, merely on the ownership of individual men, the focus has. Same issue of movement, rights of men, has separated. For the support of the right, nudist alternative, this group as motor misogynist and of differential advantage has been deemed. Law Center, poverty, south facing, move it par community as is....
What is غ.ق.ق ?
غیرقابل قبول
Unacceptable ( usually in math, more for stands for used )...
What is ق.ق ?
قابل قبول
Acceptable ( usually in math, more for stands for used )...
What is بوم ?
برنامه ویژه مدرسه
Boom stands for special program school well. To this purpose, that an hour of the program obliged the outside shade, then a topic is chosen, you get (skills, life, knowledge, etc.) and with his disciples, and you work....
What is MJ ?
Mohammad Javad
MJ to the public, to the brevity of the name Mohammad Javad used....
What is مارتک ?
مارکتینگ تکنولوژی
To all of the tools and methods of marketing that inside of IT technology can be used. say....