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Acronym References

The database of this site includes more than 3,900 phrase is abbreviated to the Persian description. Also in Advanced Search section has over 5 million acronyms to search.

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The abbreviation is the first abbreviated acronym for the Android operating system. Download from CafeBazaar

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For quick access to abbreviated words and their meanings, send an email to @mokhafaf_bot on the telegram.

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With this software, you can have abbreviated words as a dictionary on your computer without the need for the Internet and the site. More information & Download

4 Today Top Acronyms


What is RIP ?

Rested In Peace

This word stands on the grave stone, Christians are written, and means quiet taken in peace.


What is ITC ?

International Trade Commission

Trade Commission International, United States (United States International Trade Commission) is a fe...


What is GN ?

Good Night

Words, GN is typically, in accordance with the internet ( chat ) means good night or The Good Night.


What is PRC ?

People Republic of China

People's Republic of China, known as China, the most populous country in the world with over 1.3 bil...