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Acronym References

What is سماح ?

ساماندهی مشتاقان ایام حضور در اعتاب مقدسه

System that stands for a reorganisation of the last few days attending holy is by the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization with the aim of visa Iraq, the direction of the pilgrims of Arbaeen, a Shia Muslim city of Karbala has been launched.

registration in this system causes the number of pilgrims, male and female, and the province, it was to organize the pilgrims to be determined. To register for this dildo, having a passport is mandatory, and people who have passports are valid after the registration, the tracking code will fall.

every year is said to be the only ones who can glimpse go that in system Registration Act, and the lack of registration in this system constitutes a lack of readiness to go to walk by the Muslims. But usually, pilgrims of a different way to city of Karbala next.

Iran is usually to register in this site with the problem encountered and that should be training more of them in the field given.