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What is ساعس آجا ?

سازمان عقیدتی سیاسی ناجا

Organization of conscience the political center, briefly ( Naja), as well as other organizations and political conscience in the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran has the description of the general duties below. This organization since its founding the police force of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the year 1370, with the integration of the organization, ideological, political, police, etc. and the committee of the Islamic Revolution was formed and Mohammad Rahmani of the year 1370, the verdict led to the presidency, it was selected. He was for 16 years on this side remained. Then, late June 1397 Hojatoleslam fashions Bahrami responsible for this side. Now Hojatoleslam thus assume the presidency of this organization.

part of the police force related to the organization of political conscience as follows: the ideological, political, institutional is the hierarchy of independent and focused on that mission and duties, is responsible for:

the growth and spread of culture and the Islamic values in Iran and affiliated organizations, they are based on the principles and criteria of Islamic and measures and guidelines and instructions of the leader.

education, ideological and political personnel, the direction of the growth of religious and political life.
do the activity promo for personnel, such as the release of brochures and publications, to form libraries and exhibitions and production of radio programs, television, and the administration of mosques and other religious places related.
provide policy, according to principles relevant in the direction of Adapt organize. regulations, approvals and guidelines, and criteria, Islamic.
monitor, maintain and practice the Islamic principles in all fields and stated cases, contrary to the authorities to fix them, and report to the command of the whole if necessary.
review and assessment of personnel in terms of competence according to directions, appointments, etc. promotions and overseas missions.
perform all duties of the public relations of the police force and the organizations affiliated to them.
note - the police force and agencies affiliated to them are required, support the logistical and personnel requirements organization and political conscience in the framework of the tables of organization related that to pass the command of the whole. at the discretion of the. The source of the site leadership Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, the commander of the Muslim-in-chief issued a decree Mr. Haj Seyed Alireza coming to the presidency of the organization of conscience the political police force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was appointed.ساعس آجا