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Acronym References

What is EV ?

Escape velocity

Speed getaway in physics and astronomy to a minimum as it can be said that an object must have in order to grab the gravitational force of the object, the other fled the scene.

speed getaway the extent that according to it, if Jeremy, with initial speed over of speed, getaway, Jeremy, who wants it to go out to the out move managed to escape from it will be, but if it's speed, the mass, the more quickly the getaway, it mass other be successful to this, will not. For example, the speed of escape from Planet Earth 11 of 186 km / h, which means if the missile over about 11٫2 km / h directly toward Out Move managed to escape from it will be, but if its speed missiles from the much more be the beginning to the high-gone, and then again to the bottom of the returns.