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Acronym References

What is PCL ?

Posterior Cruciate Ligament

The ligaments cross in the dorsal or posterior cruciate or PCL is one of the ligaments, the strong, the knee joint. The ligaments of The internal femoral (thigh bone) to the area of the cushion between the tibial (tibia) may be connected. The ligaments cross in the dorsal (PCL) and cross the front-end (ACL) inside the capsular contracture has been the cause of the situation, anatomical, specific to the name of the cross, or Crusader as they are called.

if the joint capsule of the knee of the rear garden. the first part that can be seen., the ligaments, the crossover backpack is. This ligament relative to Rabat crossover, front-end, stronger been, but the fibers of the ligaments cross the front-end, the miles are more. The most important action of the ligaments, crossover, backpack, etc. avoid the dislocation of tibial (tibia) to the back.