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Acronym References

What is HMD ?


Hamedan, Iran, Hamedan (about this case Ava help·info) or to the local dialect of Hamadan, one of the huge cities in the Western Region and the mountainous Iran and the center of the city and Hamadan province of Iran. This city on the slopes of Mount Alvand, and height 1 is 741 meters above sea level, is located and of the cities of the cold, Iran poses comes. Hamadan is the oldest city in Iran and of the most ancient cities of the world. In 1385 the parliament in the legislation of Hamedan ", the capital of history and civilization of Iran," he stated. Hamadan, the first capital of the first imperial Iran, the Medes had been. However, the oldest traces have been found of ancient hegmataneh, and also the inscription, the treasure of the letters related to the era of Achaemenid are. Also, this city in the Achaemenid time. Parthian, etc. think. Al buje and the Seljuks also one of the capitals of the country. Now Hamedan province due to having the Centers of historical and spectacular as the fifth largest city, cultural and tourist country, to be known and scientifically also there are centers, Bu-Ali Sina University, University of industrial Hamedan, Iran Islamic Azad University, Hamedan, Iran, University of Payam Noor, Hamadan, Iran and other centers, as one of the poles of academic country is known. Tomb of Bu-Ali Sina in the city of Hamadan, and is also one of the symbols of the history of Iran in World Culture and knowledge, and knowledge goes.

the city in terms of population the fourteenth most populous city in Iran is considered, in August 1388, as one of the metropolises of Iran, was introduced. In the years 1300 to 1304 solar German engineer Karl plan modern, to Hamadan, the design of that type of map, the radial is considered to be, but nowadays, due to population density and plan, radial, etc. the traffic downtown is very high. To this field, 6 the main street of the city connected. The municipality of Hamadan in the field of the Tomb of Ali is located.