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Acronym References

What is SME ?

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The board of small and medium against the large industries placed relative to it, the benefits are many; of such value-added, innovation, employment creation and more flexibility. Firm, Small and medium enterprises, which refer to the SME, is called, in different sources, translated into English with the titles the following is also seen:

- small industries and 1 - small businesses and the average

- small and medium enterprises

- small and medium organizations

- small institutions, the average

- units, small and medium

- industrial units, small and medium

- Industrial enterprises small and medium

and in some cases also instead of the word small, the word wisdom is used.

definition of small & medium industries in different countries with each other, the difference is a function of the economic conditions and industrial ruler. Some of the criteria to determine the type of industries (small, medium and large) to work process include: number of employees, capital, assets, total, sales volume and production capacity. In this among the most common criteria, the number of employees that this also from country to country, different from the other, can be determined.