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Acronym References

What is GPU ?

Graphics Processing Unit

Graphics processing unit or briefly the GPU is a tool dedicated to rendering the graphics (naturally seems to get the picture) in personal computers., the workstation, or console game. This unit, sometimes the unit CPU visually or VPU, also called. Technical units, central processing, new processing and presentation, visual (graphics), but it's much more efficient than units of the central processor or CPU in the processing algorithms .

a GPU is usually on the graphics cards justify, although graphics cards, non-professional straight on the range, (OnBorad) fall.

the GPU is a tool consists of a number operator, primitive graphics, which makes the comparison to the CPU in the pictures on the screen much faster.

the most common operator for the two-dimensional graphics computers contains the operator BitBLT is usually in the hardware for a "Biltter" is called. The operator to drag the rectangle, etc. Triangle, Circle, and arc used for the process. Processors, new graphics, etc. processing three-dimensional graphics also computer are doing.GPU