Acronym of MS-DOS

( Microsoft Disk Operating System ) My - SMS-DOS, an operating system brand Microsoft.

the first version of MS-DOS in 1981, was released and includes eight original edition, and has Microsoft developed it in the year 2000 stopped. Operating system single-user and single-purpose, command-line, which in 1981 for the personal computer, IBM compatible with it by Microsoft, was released. The original version of the D O S is a small company in Seattle in order to laboratory work was created. Because Microsoft was the operating system for IBM preparation, so does that version purchased), and the program preparation. Microsoft later completed a higher of dos. Dos for a long time one of the most widespread operating systems was considered. D O S the words Disk operating system (operating system disc) it was because of this system on the disk are located and are arranged from the hard disk to perform various actions using the name of the case .