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Acronym References

What is ساصد ?

سازمان صنایع دفاع

Organization for defense industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the name of the abbreviation in the field of design and production of military equipment for the armed forces in Iran.

the military industry in Iran under the title of the Armory, in the year 1304 Ah.# With the production of gun Brno, in the center of the city of Tehran (artillery) started its activities. From about the year 1320 the armament office in the place current was established, and about 6 years later, the factory machine gun storage on the avenue of victory as central administration, weapons were launched. From about the year 1340 administrative structure, weapons also transform into organizations, industries, the military, renamed and with the purchase of production technology, cartridge, 7. the 62., the gun 3, etc. were carried out by the 3, etc. lines the production of gunpowder and explosives in three sets (, etc. machine gun storage and chemical immediate plan) production activities to expand their alliance.ساصد