Acronym of DG

( Distributed Generation ) Distributed generation, production , energy or distributed energy, which in the English language to concisely (DG) is called, which stands for (Distributed Generation) is to generate electricity from small sources of energy are said to be.< < > dispersed generation refers to cases where electricity is generated at the same place of consumption or near the place of consumption. Sporadic generation are small-scale power plants with a maximum production capacity of 25 MW. Sporadic generation was due to the fact that at some points there was a drop in current and voltage. The plan was proposed to fill these defects.

producing scattered to the two categories combined heat and power generation and also electricity, cold and heat (CCHP), which stands for Combined Cooling, Heat and Power split. Cogeneration - generating electricity alongside other energy tyres and using everything simultaneously.< < > a cogenerative generator is a generator that is a heat dissipation directly used or recycled for the production and heating، of steam or other applications.< < >< < > the important advantage of cogeneration is that the electrical efficiency of m is more than 1٫5 times the efficiency of thermal power plants.

now-industrialized countries, more electricity to their facilities, big tits, focused, like a fossil fuel (coal, gas), the nuclear or hydroelectric power produce. These power plants cut costs well but they usually transfer electricity to long distances and affect the environment.< < - > sporadic generation is another method. This method reduces the amount of energy loss in the electricity transmitted because electricity is generated very close to where it is consumed or even in the same building. This reduces the size and number of power lines to be built.