Acronym of OCD

( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ) Obsessive compulsive disorder, intellectual, practical (OCD), an anxiety disorder.

obsessive-compulsive disorder, intellectual, practical type of anxiety disorder is a chronic, preoccupation, excessive about the order and arrange the affairs of the minor and also perfection-seeking, along. to the extent that to lose flexibility, etc. and frankly the performance, he said.

obsessive-compulsive disorder-intellectual, practical, thoughts, obsession, any anxiety, obsessed with the practical associated. This obsession practical things obsessed species are that person for trying in the way of reducing the obsession, their intellectual perform. This concluded, repetitive, and stereotyped, and to some extent .

obsession includes feel., the thought or mental image is troublesome and persuasion include behavioral, conscious, and patients with recurrent. Root disease, obsession, anxiety, and illness in two forms, intellectual and practical update. If the patient against performing the act obsessive resistance. more. Sometimes children also suffer from obsessions that are usually the symptoms of aggressive behavior, etc. repeat the words or stubborn with him.

a person suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, intellectual, practical, to reduce their anxiety that is caused by the thought of the intruder, hands, to do practical knocks that he was anxious to reduce that it can be highly disorder help.

research shows one to three percent of society might be obsessive compulsive disorder, intellectual, practical, with.