Acronym of XBRL

( eXtensible Business Reporting Language ) The language of financial reporting, commercial label, their language, reporting, commercial, deployable, or Oaks.EBay.AR.El (XBRL) is a language of reporting is electronic, with which companies can financial data your transmitting. In other words, one side can be given, owing to the opposite side (receiver )in the blink of an eye, one given to the system of their particular transfer .In essence, X, the El in order to this design was that to the computer, to give the possibility that the financial information swap . work around the world, state institutions commercial of X the El for the round Avery and share the data they use .However, X, the El for the transfer of data between computers is designed for human potty.

x, Le, El of technology developed, is that the structure of the documentation provided to maintain , data, X, the El readings are possible by human, is to achieve this the species data depending on the type of reporting components, a certain amount of documentation, financial must be on glue this.

the main advantage of, x, Le, El than X, the El is legible by humans . X, the El data of financial report can be electronically extracted .According to the, x, Le, El of your report can be, with all of the content to the form of early Venice, together with any data extracted from X, the El beamed.For this reason, the X ORT the El for the transfer of documentation is commercial available is not complete. Often that is in the country, talk operating X, the El is raised and even the stock exchange the Tehran Stock Exchange bar on the seriousness of the Quran, the emphasis is laid, but still no action operational is not observed, though, in two years, the organisation has state tax as well, with the implementation of the plan, a comprehensive tax companies has required comment letters tax your way system of operation, electronic payers send.