Acronym of VFS

( Visa Facilitation Service ) VFS is a company in the field of visa to different countries of the world works. He f-forced global only authorized to provide services, administrative support services, including collecting visa applications and the passport in a letter, sealed, to the applicants has the decision in the case of the issuance or rejection of visa and the processing time of a visa application by the embassy done. In fact, he was f SS global role or effect on the outcome of the visa application don't have any advice, assessment, visa applicants do not provide.

In this company, in addition to the cost visa Schengen(60€) 25€ for Middletown documents and VIP.
some of the tasks related to embassies, for example, collect documents related to the issuance of a visa do. To this Centers, VAC stands for the Visa Application Center is also called.
for example, the Iranians applicant for Canada visa in Turkey, must of your documents to the offices of the company in Turkey delivery.