Acronym of XML

( eXtensible Markup Language ) Create technology X the El or markup language (eXtensible Markup Language), it should be without doubt one of the most basic and most fundamental steps to take into account that in the path, solve the problem of scalability in the modern internet is removed. After creating x! el by the consortium, the world, including (W3C) in 1996 (Gregorian), the practitioners of many projects calculations extensive to the widespread use of it, the fear.

now, diversity, etc. the amount of, and the dimensions of the abundant employing the x-TH El in most areas and structures of the internet today to be truly amazing. Just as examples, you should be reminded that almost all technology, web services, etc. scalable vector graphics., the final PDF, and many other items, only with the x-TH El do.

The reason and how this applies to intelligible, easier, and understand the all-encompassing, the more the internet now, and in particular, to familiarize with the strategies of the human for paving the way, along and expand it in the future, will be adopted. is of significant importance.