Acronym of SG

( Singapore ) Republic of Singapore country-city in Southeast Asia and its capital of Singapore.The south of the peninsula Malaya and is the smallest country of Southeast Asia.

Singapore in the north of the equator are located. Malaysia and Indonesia is the only neighbor . Before agreement. where, right now, as Singapore is known to be the only fishing area Malay in river estuaries, Singapore. Singapore to the most important commercial centers and the British military and is now also in the British Army the task of the national security of this country is responsible. In the distance the Second World War, Singapore is still a British colony. by the Japan occupation. Finally, in a counter-attack, which Winston Churchill it " the biggest UK, unpacking, Singapore in 1945, the ad reached England.Eighteen years later, in 1963 Singapore its independence from the United Kingdom division. This peninsula in Southeast Asia is one of the largest commercial barter in the world and is one of 4 City-current country in the world. From the time of independence, in 1819, one of the most prosperous countries in the world has become and is today one of the entire high traffic most city in the world. The climate of this country is warm and humid and the average annual rainfall in it to more than 224 CM reaches. In terms of mineral deposits, the country is poor, but its economy is the service sector, Chinese, electronic productions, and crafts, affiliate. growth and prosperity abundance and have this country into one of the richest regions of the world has become. Singapore is by a road, transit, Malaysia, and other parts of South-East Asia is related to.