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Acronym References

What is TTS ?

Text To Speech

Text-to-speech, which know that TTS is a program that input text to the human voice can sing.

This type of program to convert text to audio records (audio book), The pronunciation of words in a software dictionary, reading, computer screen, and also smart phone, especially for users who are blind by software screen reader is used. Also in systems, the phone contacts and also ATM, the direction of the communication spoken by the user is used.

it should be noted that the term "text to speech" to refer to two different concept is used:

A) engine, text-to-Speech (Text-to-Speech engine)

b) player text-to-Speech (Text-to-Speech player)

that the task of converting text to speech in the background, responsible for engine text-to-speech is and player, text-to-speech user interface for entering text and getting the sound output or save in the form of records, audio, provides. In order to avoid ambiguity, usually engine text-to-speech called (Speech-synthesizer) is called from the other side of the player, text to speech, especially in users videos, computer text-to-speech is called. However, it should be noted supported languages, speech and quality of sound, related to engine text speech is and a Engine text to speech programming interface (API) to easily software the various (player, text-to-speech) callable and use.