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What is TEH ?


Tehran, the most populous city and the capital of Iran, the center of Tehran province and Tehran city is. With 8, the 693 of 706 tons of the population, the twenty-fourth most populous city in the world and the most populous city of the West Asia are expected to be. The metropolis of Tehran is also the second largest metropolis populated the Middle East.

from the unevenness of natural, Tehran, Iran, to two district Dashti and foothills of Alborz is divided, and the range of the current it from a height of 900 to 1800 meters above sea level, along the IS. Tehran has a climate semi-dry. In most years, the winter half of the total annual precipitation in Tehran's security and makes the summer as well as the rain the most season in Tehran, Iran.

Tehran Urban with a variety of ethnic groups, but of foreign population it is low. As the English language, the world, the majority of the people of Tehran Corp, make up and more of the people of this city are officially Muslim and the four imams are. Other religious communities in Tehran, Iran include Baha'i, etc. the Zoroastrians, Christians, and Jews can be. Crimes committed and the issues like, violation of the rights of children and women, of the problems of this city.

background, life in Tehran, to the era of Neolithic returns excavated and taken in Tehran, Iran. led to the discovery of the skeleton of the 7,000-year-old man and stone tools, were. In the early centuries, the seventh, with the devastation the city of Ray and the migration of its people to the ... knowledge of the trading, construction and Citizenship, people ray to Tehran, transfer found, and the cause of progress it was. In the era of Safavi much the importance of Tehran, was added, but originated the prosperity and progress of this city, to the Northwest it goes back. Sir, dynasty Qajar. is the founder of the dynasty Qajar, who, after repeatedly trying to capture, Tehran, Iran finally managed to do this was ... in the New Year 1165, after the years of war with his world, and claims the kingdom, Tehran, Iran, to the capital calls. Becoming Tehran from a typical urban to a the modern capital, from the Pahlavi era began. In the era of the Pahlavi dynasty. the affairs of the country in the capital was concentrated, and the myriad government employees in the city quickly rose in ... in this era, the city of Tehran, in addition to the task of political and commercial., the duty office will also accept. With the revolution of 1357 and the beginning of the war, Iran and Iraq. for nearly a decade of development in Tehran for several years and after the end of the course, the development of the Iranian capital continued, and Tehran, to the epicenter of the acceptance of the population in Iran.

Tehran, the epicenter of the economic of Iran is the first industrial area of the country can be considered, but the activities of the International Economic an important role in the number employed, it does not. According to the statistics from the year 1395., the share of Tehran in the total GDP of Iran is 21%, and accounted for half of the industry sector of the country to the ... plays an important role in the economy of Iran. This city is one of the most important tourism centers in Iran to the account comes in and has a set of tourist attractions that include palaces and museums, its can be. Freedom Tower the symbol of Tehran and is from the Charter of Cyrus the great, for the first time, in this place, was unveiled. Milad Tower is also a symbol of the other, Tehran and the tallest tower in Iran. Tehran, with the hosting of the Asian Games 1974 etc., the first city in the Middle East was the host of the Asian Games and be a sports complex, freedom as one of the most advanced of its era, get-together time with this game on 10 September 1353 developments.

In terms of administrative, Tehran, Iran, to the 22 area, and 122 urban area is divided and the cities of Tajrish and Rey's envelop is taken. City administration is the municipality of Tehran done. The mayor of Tehran by the City Council of Tehran is selected and the council on the performance of the municipality monitor and to administer the city, the legislative does. In the year 1347, the first comprehensive plan of Tehran, with a horizon of 25 years and with the responsibility of Abdul Aziz , and Victor Gruen was prepared, which are far from the most important legal basis development of the city of Tehran. As a center of political and Administrative, the most important state institutions, and judiciary in Iran, like the ministries and parliament that Tehran's 30 deputies in the It is. the city is located. The city has two international airports Imam Khomeini and Mehrabad is of the busiest airports in Iran are.