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Acronym References

What is TJS ?


Somoni (Сомонӣ) name money country, Tajikistan, which is from October 30, 2000 official currency of that country and declare the successor to the ruble . The government of Tajikistan to commemorate the House of Iran, name of the currency your "Somoni" record. Per thousand rubles equal to one Somoni were placed. On the bills Somoni face some of the celebrities common in Iran and Tajikistan, the role is closed. For the sample on banknotes of 100 Somoni, face, Ismail Somoni, and on other bills, the face of rudaki, etc. (Ibn Sina), and Mir Seyyed Ali Hamadani seen. Bills, other, broadcasting, celebrities, contemporary like Sadriddin person. ghafurov, Mirza Zadeh and others, is adorned. The code of the international money TJS.