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Acronym References

What is TG ?


Triglyceride (TG), a typical lipid, which is in the human body plays an important role.

in the fatty tissues the body, triglycerides, the role of insulation and save energy.

triglyceride from a glycerol and three fatty acid is composed.

triglyceride or Terry glycerol of the composition, an alcohol, called glycerol and three fatty acid is created. Abbreviated name it T. G. .T.G form an important part of the energy storage is compared to sugars, the amount of energy impacted more. Also this molecule in terms of chemical, molecular, inert (inert), and is quirks hydrophobicity, it also funds it compared to carbohydrates. Triglycerides, the main component of lipoproteins, with low density, very low (VLDL) and (CHY).