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Acronym References

What is TMPFS ?

Temporary File System

tmpfs Name common for the facility is in operating systems Unix-like, for the storage of temporary files are used. However, that tmpfs is usually somewhere in the file system mount can be, but the information contained in it, on a space of permanent storage like a hard disk, not stored. instead, its information on a volatile memory like the main memory can be written. Disc memory (RAM disk) is a structure similar to that for a virtual disk (virtual disk) show, and finds a file system in itself. Anything that is on tmpfs, create. temporary. in other words, but no file on the hard disk not created. however, in the event that the system with the shortage of main memory will be facing, you may space the swap as a repository backup (for backing store) to hold the information tmpfs used. In the event that the system reboots. all the information available in tmpfs will be lost.

space required tmpfs from memory, the main financed and the capacity of the tmpfs fits with the information contained in it, big and small. In the event that the original memory is filled is possible to assign the space? can be the space of swap to allocate the space used. In many Linux distros, as well as other operating systems, Unix-like, etc. by default, a file system of type tmpfs in the path /tmp Mount. In some other distribution, branches /tmp a is typical, and tmpfs does not use, but branches /dev/shm is a file system, tmpfs.