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Acronym References

What is TWM ?

Tehran Wagon Manufactoring

Company wagons of Tehran. in line with the development and expansion of the rail transport industry, particularly the segment within the city, in order to help solve this dilemma, complicated and serious in the year 1382 was established.
the wagon storage, Tehran, Iran. manufacturer of trains, vehicles, rail, electric, stretch, and trailers, service provider, repairs and overhaul, fleet, rail, electric, a provider of technical and engineering services regarding projects related to industry, vehicle, rail, etc. is proud that with the cooperation and participation of a large group of experts and experts, industry, rail transport, etc. play a significant role in this field plays, etc. as of the beginning of the established it. Achievements brilliant in the direction of the development of the industry and ensure there are relying on staffing with experience, expert and efficient, and the use of knowledge reserve of the company, raised and with experience in this field, and also reproduces, local storage, and the management of this knowledge, steps much larger in the direction of self-sufficiency in this industry, efficient transport systems pose.