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Acronym References

What is TED ?

Technology, Entertainment, Design

Ted (TED) the name of a non-profit organization . The reputation of the organization for holding the conference, particularly East, while any holding. and with the name of the TED Conference are known.

the organization in 1984 in California was established and today, in the remotest parts of the world, will be held.

The objective of holding this conference, gathering the leaders of the corporate tech world (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Sun Microsystems, etc., etc.), etc. in one place and under one roof, with top scientists, artists, architects, professors, and theorists of all disciplines and functional ( Kapoor, etc., James Bill Gates, etc., Al Gore, etc. George Smoot Bill Clinton. Bryn green, etc. Stephen Hawking, etc., Richard Dawkins, etc., etc.) Is the exchange of information, solutions to problems in the world and flourish.

more speech, Ted on the web, sometimes Ted to free in the hands of clay.