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Acronym References

What is TCT ?

Telecommunication Company of Tehran

Telecommunication company of Iran (LLP) in the year 1350 solar with an investment of over five billion rials was established. This company has 30 company, sub-provincial, and corporate mobile communication.

According to act of Esfand 1385 of the Council of Ministers, etc., telecommunication company of Iran subject to the assignment to the private sector through the supply of its shares on the stock exchange of Tehran province. On 19 August, 1387, to the amount of five percent of the company's shares, the initial price 1500 rial through the stock supply. The number of shares, Duration 8 minutes, and with a value of 344 billion dollars went to the sale.

in December, 1388, in the largest transaction the date of exchange, of Iran. The Block stock, fifty plus one percent of the telecommunication company of Iran by the consortium Development Trust represents to the value of about eight thousand billion USD was purchased. In Azar 1389 staff investigation of the Parliament of Iran. the sales front, he said.

Phone guide 118, one of the services active in this section.