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Acronym References

What is TUV ?

Technischer Uberwachungs Verein

Organization, observation, technical (TÜV) (Tuff) enterprise, based in Germany, which is based on health goods offered from the various companies monitoring are proposed standards for human health and the environment supply . Companies that have the logo of the TÜV. must be at least 25% of the shares they are in possession of one of the tuff of the company . The organization as an independent consultant on health, work, goods, or products such as agricultural products, vital, etc. vehicles and standards for the construction of engines, automobiles, heavy and light, and energy installations, is responsible for the . Many , the holder of the TÜV can serve as organizers, and also extend the lenders the category of energy and the concepts of its affiliates Act, and solutions to environmental problems offer and also the company of your have laws that are based on TÜV donated to them. follow, and in line with human health and the environment step .

standard TÜV ability to adapt to a variety of ISO, including ISO 9001 in quality management and ISO 16949 in conjunction with the management of the quality of the automated devices as well .