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Acronym References

What is ScrLk ?

Scroll Lock

Key Scroll Lock on the page the arrow keys, compatible with IBM-type on and off is that the performance of the arrow keys to move provider, the cursor will determine. In a number of applications, (which is usually the mouse does not recognise), and also in some spreadsheet programs, turn the key, Scroll Lock, etc., pressing the arrow keys causes while korsør in place to remain the entire page in the direction of the desired move. But when the keyboard Scroll Lock is off, the cursor is to move.

other application the key, " the role of the switch between languages in some software. for example, at the level of the dos with the implementation of the program, the English maker like Sepand "that the set of codes table of ASCII the English characters can be converted" can be used by pressing this key the keyboard to English or English ... the quirks in some of the program that Windows operating system work; also establishes the. For example, in software, Dehkhoda dictionary, which, in accordance with the table codes, ski in Das design. can be used by pressing the scroll lock keyboard to English or English.