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What is SRTM ?

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

Mission, journalism Shuttle Radar briefly that SRTM is called for. research project Global for the preparation of the model, digital elevation, which is the range almost universal between circuits 56 degrees south and 60 degrees north to provide the most complete database of public journalism with high resolution. SRTM consists of radar modified special is that during the mission the 11-day STs-99 in February 2000 on the space shuttle spacecraft endeavour was installed.

model elevation for a mosaic set, each of which are one degree of longitude and one degree of latitude covers and to name the coordinates of the southwest corner of the It is called. For example, "n45e006" from the orbit of 45 degrees north and the meridian of 6 degrees east orbit 46 degrees north and the meridian of 7 degrees east. and "s45w006" from the orbit of 45 degrees south, and the Meridian 6 degrees west, the circuit 46 degrees south and the meridian of 7 degrees west and covers.

resolution raw data SRTM a second Arc (30 km), but access to the data with this accuracy only for the Federal Government of the United States of America possible. In November 2011 the data with the precision of a h arched for Australia also was provided, but the use of raw data in the monopoly of the state. Data SRTM for the rest of the world has the accuracy of 90 m (3 sec arc). Each mosaic data 30 yards has 3601 rows of data that each of the 3601 cell 16-bit . Elevation data SRTM-based system world of 1984 is calculated.

in September 2014, the White House announced that the highest precision data SRTM at the end of the year 2015 for all around the world, will be available, and now new data with the accuracy of 1 h, Arc (30 km) for all points covered by the project download is.

model elevation extracted from the data, SRTM data is in geographical information system goes to work. This model can be download from the internet. Format it (hgt.) That is a lot of software support.

The Mission of public journalism the Shuttle Radar project is an international by the National Agency for geographic information United States of America and NASA, driven.