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Acronym References

What is SATA ?

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

Interface advanced consecutive or SATA is a passageway or route for public communication tools, data storage (such as hard drive and optical drive) to the host.

crossings host SATA the often computers, laptop boards, desktop computers of today is embedded. Interface SATA to replace the standards, Ata (ATA) or the ID (IDE) is designed. This interface, like iPhone, commands, low-level runs, but host and accessories tools by means of a communication cable, conductor pair wire, consecutive, and more connected to each other. In a comparison. interface parallel ATA 16 conductor information, each in a very Lower work uses. In this case, the interface is SATA, the superiority of multiple compared to the interface parallel ATA (Parallel ATA or PATA) offers. Reduce the width of the wire interface and the cost of it; can reduce wire, the inner from the eighty numbers to seven numbers; the higher speed and efficiency more data transfer and fast switching capability of the advantage of SATA.

The Year 2009 interface, SATA alternative interfaces were. Interface often in industrial applications remained, because the dependent storage type-speed and compact (CompactFlash). Although a variety of new standardization of this method based on SATA will be.